Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Mama Gin Files: Poor George Tries to Practice

Poor George has forbidden my posting this video because he is in it. So I'm hiding it in my archives (which Poor George never reads) and am asking my blogger friends to direct their readers to it. I won't get caught because Poor George can barely stand to read my blog let alone anybody else's.

However, if you stop hearing from me for an extended period, go ahead and notify the police because it will probably mean that George discovered the posted video and murdered me.

That being said, this may be my favorite Mama Gin video yet because it is so illustrative of what we deal with almost every day.

In tonight's episode we witness Poor George trying to practice his bass clarinet while being subjected to Mama Gin's usual litany of "advice" to the tune of "find gurlfriend get marry have baby!"

He tries just about every trick in the book including tuning her out, arguing back at her, and finally, his attempted coup de grace of blowing an incredibly loud, shrill, high pitched bass clarinet note to try to scare her off.

Of course none of the above have any effect on Mama Gin. She would continue to harass Poor George if a hydrogen bomb went off twenty feet from her. "Ma, your face is melting off!" "But Georgie get marry have baby!" would be her reply, no doubt.

I've provided a partial transcript below although much of the dialogue is in Chinglish - which is mostly Chinese with the words "gurlfriend" and "get marry" peppered throughout in English.


MG: [Chinese . . . ] gurlfriend, get marry!

PG: I don't want to get married, I'm with Tom!

MG: What, gurlfriend no likey you?

PG: No, no likey me!

MG: [Various Chinese reprimands]

PG: Mo gurlfriend, mo gurlfriend! (Chinglish for "No girlfriend, no girlfriend!")

MG: [Chinese rebukes]


MG: [Chinese]

PG: No, no, can't do that.

MG: [Chinese]

PG: [Chinese] and something about California

MG + PG: [Chinese banter]

PG: (noticing me with the camera) STOP IT! What are you doing? You're recording this, I know you are!!! Get out of here Thomas!!!

CP: Ok, bye bye.

PG: (begins playing the bass clarinet)

MG: [Chinese], despite George's playing


MG: [Chinese]....gurlfriend....[Chinese]


The rest of the video depicts Poor George trying to shoo her away by playing shrill notes on the clarinet, while I move the camera to include shots of our really cute cats.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Brilliant. I love your place!

Madam Z said...

Poor George!
Poor Mama Gin! No grandbabies...EVER!

But George does have a nicely decorated home...and maybe MG could be persuaded to think of the cat as a surrogate grandchild.

jin said...

I LOVE PG's shrill ending!!!
Got to give her credit for staying power! Heehee. ;-)

I'll post it asap!

Dale said...

If you put a veil on the cat and Poor George pretended to marry it, would this fool Mama Gin or is her eyesight still pretty good?

BeckEye said...

And yet the cat didn't seem to respond to the high pitched notes at all. I bet all the dogs in the neighborhood were going wild though.

Jewels said...

Geez I sure hope U and PG aren't in an a apartment! LOL!
This is cuteness, annoyance, kindness and love, all rolled into one. Almost as good as Jin's pastries. ;)
Love it!

Still feel for all of you. Especially poor kitty's ears. LOL! It didn't move, 'cuz it was parallized with fear!

Beth said...

Another brilliant installment of The Mama Gin Files. Again, I'm willing to play the role of Poor George's girlfriend. I like cats. And clarinets.

Dino aka Katy said...

oh wow check out the cute kitty

Thymm Symmz said...

I think I heard Mama Gin say "poo-poo"?

gizmorox said...

Holy mackerel. You two must have the patience of saints.