Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Mama Gin Files Chapter 8: OCD Redux

ama Gin suffers from OCD. Thankfully, it can lay dormant for weeks at a time. But when it rears its ugly head, watch out.

Alas, after our latest respite, her OCD is back. This is a typical evening in our apartment during one of her spells. George gets mad at me for even opening the door when she bangs on it with her dirty fists, but I'd rather listen to her prattle on than endure the door pounding, which can go on for hours. Literally.

She's really a nuisance.

9:12 pm - Mama Gin pounds on the door. I open it, despite George's vigorous protests. "Georgie, I want you get marry. You, come upstairs, sleep in my apartment. Tom stay here."

9:17 pm - Mama Gin returns. "Why you live with Tom? I want you get marry. I know lady, she tell me 'I know your son.' She have daughter. She beautiful. You marry her."

9:23 pm - "Georgie, why you no get marry? Tom move out."

9:27 pm - "Georgie! Why you no answer door? What? I no hear. You get MARRY!"

9:38 pm - "Ok, you come upstairs. You sleep. Then you get marry. Ok bye bye."


jin said...

O M G !!!

Haha...that is TOTALLY amazing!

Amazing that she did/does that & even MORE amazing that you documented the whole thing!!!

LOL! Timetable & photos!!! Heeheehee!!! :-D

P.S. George-Please give Tom the two graham thingys you hid from him so I can see what they are!?

Dale said...

Poor Mama, she no understand. If you can lure her thru and push on that tv at just the right time...