Monday, September 03, 2007

Mama Gin Files: Nobody take garbagey out!

Welcome to the latest installment of the Mama Gin Files.

In tonight's episode, it is Labor Day weekend and Georgie is away on a fishing trip, leaving CP alone to fend off ten consecutive Mama Gin visits in the space of half an hour.

Enjoy as Mama Gin engages CP in her familiar discussion of why Georgie no get marry have baby. Additionally, watch CP try to clear up Mama Gin's confusion as to why nobody take garbagey out. Includes some dialogue in Chinese.

A full transcript is provided below for your enhanced viewing pleasure.


MAMA GIN: I go play horsey. A lot of different girl...get the children, get the baby. At the racey track, there are two girl tell me "I likey you son." But Georgie not answer me.

COASTER PUNCHMAN: So at the race track there were two ladies who told you they like Georgie?

MG: Huh?

CP: Who told you they like Georgie?

MG: She say "I likey you son." Maybe she know Georgie.

CP: Oh.

MG: (speaking Chinese.)

CP: I don't speak that much Chinese.

MG: Huh?

CP: I don't speak that much Chinese. (In Chinese): I'm an American person.

MG: Georgie don't likey Chinesey?

CP: No, he likes Chinese. But you were talking Chinese and I didn't understand you. I don't know what you were saying.

MG: I don't know where he go.

CP: He went fishing, I told you. He went fishing.

MG: Huh?

CP: He went fishing.

MG: Where he go tonight?

CP: He went fishing. He left this morning and he'll be back tomorrow.

MG: He go to friend housey?

CP: Yes, he went to friend's housey.

MG: He go to friend housey?

CP: Friend housey.

MG: He go to friend housey sleep and he come tomorrow?

CP: He'll come tomorrow, yes.

MG: I don't know...tomorrow what day? I don't know what day today.

CP: Today is Sunday. He'll come back tomorrow. Tomorrow is Monday.

MG: Tomorrow Monday?

CP: Yes.

MG: Today nobody take the garbagey out.

CP: No, because tomorrow is a holiday. Tomorrow is Labor Day.

MG: Oh....I thought today Sunday, how come nobody take the garbagey go out? All no more garbagey. I not take garbagey, right? I don't know Sunday or Monday. You know I sleep only me, nobody talka to me. I don't know.

CP: OK, well...

MG: OK, good night.

CP: Come back again.


Dale said...

With the mood lighting, all you need is someone to score this and you've got a genuine horror short on your hands.

Mama Gin knows that all the best girls hang out at the track.

Jake's Mom said...

I have eagarly awaiting the next edition of "Two and a half New Yorkers".
Thanks for the memories and chuckles.

Dino aka Katy said...

thanks for another entertaining story/video

BeckEye said...

This should totally be a FOX reality show.

jin said...

omg...I love these!!!

for your tip,
the guy I was speaking of (I didn't want it in my blog post... for the record, he was also with 2 hookers... I do however feel slightly bad having written that, since I didn't know he had died a few years ago... ah well, enjoy! lol)

Writeprocrastinator said...

Thank you very much for the transcript or I couldn't enjoy the hijinks. I know you do it so the audience can understand, but it helps for those of us (er, just me, actually) that have dial-up.

Anonymous said...

I agree with beckeye, this is too funny for real life, ya'll should be in a sitcom or reality show, it would be hilarious!

Now go take out the garbagey!

wonderturtle said...

My life has been so much better since The Mama Gin Files went video.

Marni said...

I love these... and YOU are so calm throughout the whole ordeal. Bravo! I would have lost it a long time ago.

Chris said...

I was feeling a little garbagey myself this morning until I saw this. Thanks again!

Grant Miller said...

So wait, tomorrow Monday? Is that code for something?

Beth said...

I hope you followed that exchange with lots of gin.

Tanya Espanya said...

Hahahaahhahah! Love this! How do you not bust a gut while you're filming? I'm dying over here! (she's shunning me, isn't she?)

Zed said...

For God's sake, would you keep this woman informed of what day it is??

My new favorite phrase: "He go to friend housey?"

PG said...

Dale: Stephen King does not even come close to my life.

Jake's Mom: Although this may be sit com material, remember, this is also your relative....

Beckeye: This is beyond reality, it fits into the category of surreality.

Jin: Can you bake me 4&20 blackbirds in a pie? Mama Gin likes to eat small animals.

WP: I would give you the dial up # for MG, but then she never answers her phone.

Everyone else: stay tuned for the Mama Vodka files, that's when I finally succumb to her demands and actually marry a girl, have baby, take out garbagey and become alcholoicy... wait, I alreadhy AM one of those!!!


chelene said...

How do the girls at the track know of Poor George? Is Mama Gin posting pictures at the local OTB?

Tenacious S said...

Our garbagey man didn't come on Monday either. We took it out Monday night. Sure hope George had fun fishing.

Bubs said...

Thank you. This made my day!

Coaster Punchman said...

I'm glad you stopped in, Bubs. I've been worried about you. I knew you would like the video so I'm happy it was able to help brighten your day.

Alan said...

When I get home I most definitely have to see the video. I can't even tell that there is one with this office computer.

I followed you here from GrizzBabe's place and your comment to my comment. I really appreciated it. And now I see that you've got a pretty cool deal going on here. I'll be returning regularly. :-)

I just moved out of a house owned by a "George", and now I'm in NYC! Interesting coincidences ...

Alan said...

Thank you for stopping by as well, CP! What is a coaster punchman? Is that the guy who takes tickets at Coney Island?

Is your Poor George your boyfriend, and thusly Mama Gin's son and Asian? Oh, and now that we've met, I hope you don't mind a few more questions. You're exactly who I need to be having some dialogue with. I got some things I need figuring out.

Alan said...

Sorry, just catching up on the :Poor George: tags and answered two of my own questions. :-)

Mama Gin said...

If you show photo of Mama Gin on bloggy in housey, CP, please take very good photo of me in housey, not with slippers or with money in hand-y, or not comby hair. If anyone has girlffriend for Georgey, you write me quick. Thank you all.

GrizzBabe said...

I never tire of Mama Gin and her antics!

Ok, good night.

Anonymous said...

We finally decided to spring for trash pickup and now we don't have to take it to the dump ourselves (yippee!!!!!) Our garbagey people come on Wednesday, but the week of Labor Day they came on Thursday instead. They left a message on our answering machine telling us they were going to be a day late, too! How's that for service?

Your cousin Cathy

Mombi said...

*standing ovation*

Bella Rossa said...

Again, unbearably cute. You absolutely could not write this. Only real life shapes characters like this.