Tuesday, November 07, 2017

A Working Vacation!

I am so behind on both professional and personal paperwork that I actually had to take a week off just to catch up.  It seems ridiculous and counterintuitive to have to use holiday time to make your work life easier - but I had no choice.  When I get behind at work, more and more things keep flying at me until I'm so far underwater I can't breathe.  And the only way to make it stop is just to leave. 

That way, I am able to focus on some fundamental tasks and complete them without other things piling up on me at the same time. 

I do take my mornings for myself - usually involving a long walk, breakfast, and newspaper reading (like that's supposed to relax me, but whatever) and then come home and tackle my desk.

It took me the better part of yesterday just to sort papers into piles: personal receipts, work expense receipts (I still have unreimbursed cash expenses going back to March), bills to pay, things to file, other work papers, and other personal to-do items. 

This afternoon, after I finish babbling about it here on the blog, I will tackle my unpaid bills and work expense reports. 

Oh, but a colleague just called with an emergency he needs help with!  In his defense, he's a gem of a guy and I did tell him he could call my personal phone if he was in a bind.

It's nice to be needed. Said every dumb person ever. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

CP's Pretend Interview with (former) bloggers: Another visit with Lulu

CP recently pretended to sit down with Sri Lankan superstar Lulu again to discuss general topics.

CP: So Lulu, how is South Asia treating you these days?

Lulu: Still haven’t been swept into the Indian Ocean, so I’d say so far, so good. When are you coming for another visit? 

CP: As soon as my travel ban has been lifted, maybe.

Lulu: Are they going to let you near school grounds again any time soon? Let me know so I can warn my students.

CP: You know perfectly well those charges were dropped! And anyway Lu, that was a low blow. Inappropriate talk for my blog.

Lulu: You’re the one writing this. Blame yourself.

CP: Fine. 

Lulu: Why are you still fake-interviewing me? Don’t you have other former blog friends to annoy with this? And why do I still sound like a bitch? 

CP: Maybe your voice is the only one I’ve been able to find. I don’t know how other, normal people are supposed to sound during a conversation with me. 

Lulu: Don’t you ever talk to anyone else?

CP: On occasion. It’s just that I like to relive every conversation I’ve ever had with you. You make me laugh.

Lulu: Because I’m a bitch? God CP, you are predictable. “Any bitch with a drug habit and she’s yours.”

CP: You’re the one who aspires to Eddie Monsoon, in all ways and in all things. 

Lulu: Are you planning to ask anything remotely resembling an interview question here? 

CP: I guess not. It’s just that without Facebook I no longer know what to do online.

Lulu: Which is why you’re pestering me for music recommendations. I think I’ll make you wait, because I can.

CP: I noticed. Anyway, thanks again Lu for stopping by CPW. I’ll try to make it less dull next time.