Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cuter than Sh*t Series: Cute doggies

Mindy June once told me she's not into "puppies & kittens" - meaning, essentially, "don't baby talk at me or show me all sort of cute sh*t and expect me to be happy about it." (Although I'll welcome comments from MJH if I have that wrong.) Of course, being who I am, I now find it necessary to forward her as many cute-as-sh*t pictures as possible just to annoy her a little bit. I should really stop that kind of behavior before I end up in Hell. Nonetheless, I'm now inflicting this on the rest of you, my loyal readers.

My friend Greg has always been deathly allergic to mammals, but somehow was able to get along just fine with his boyfriend's dog, Foster. (Which only strengthens my resolve in insisting that these "allergies" to animals are mostly psychosomatic, and that if you love someone enough you'll take Benedryl and buck up.) Anyway, Greg grew to love Foster sooooo much that his boyfriend bought him a new puppy dog to go along with Foster. Even the crustiest among you will have to admit, this picture is Cute as Sh*t:

Foster & Spencer Posted by Picasa

This next one is a picture of my friend Joan's dog, Buddy, who is sitting happily next to his gurlfriend. Apparently he gets all happy & giddy whenever she's around, and in this photo he is actually smiling:

Buddy smiling Posted by Picasa

Now if that's not Cuter than Sh*t, I don't know what is!


Melinda June said...

It's like you're Donny fu**ing Osmond with all this puppy love.

These are very cute pictures, but I still need a drink, Pollyanna.

Coaster Punchman said...

I don't think Donny ever called any Blog post "Cuter than Sh*t"! The Mormons wouldn't let him into the Highest Level if he did that.