Monday, March 31, 2008

Do we have some fun in store for you!

That's right, Gentle Readers, you are looking at an actual photograph of Mama Gin holding Baby Alexander, spawn of Blogger legend Tanya Espanya and her husband, Row-Bear.

Tanya wisely put Mama Gin on her Top Ten list of NYC attractions when planning her recent visit to our (not so) fair city. Tanya, Row-Bear and Alexander graciously accepted our invitation to the house so that we could enjoy cocktails with them and special NYC blogger guest stars Chelene and Beckeye before heading to a local joint for dinner.

Mama Gin was in one of her more social moods, and gladly stepped in to fawn over Alexander. Unfortunately, she did not deliver any diatribes about "Get Marry Have Baby" - ostensibly since there was a baby there already. I calculatedly sat Poor George right next to Tanya and the baby to create the appearance that Tanya could serve as the mysterious so-called "gurlfriend." We shall see what her follow up theory will be.

Both Row-Bear and I now possess video footage which we will be posting at CPW and possibly over at Tanya's place as well.

See you back soon!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

100 Things I Have Done part 1

This is Diana Scarwid. She is not scary.

I was loitering at the blog of Gizmorox the other day when I came across a meme where she had to tell of 100 things she has done in her life. Pretty cool, I thought, and so I decided to do the same. I suppose this will be kind of like my 100 Things about Me post from a few years ago, but with a slightly different focus.

Technically you're supposed to write about 100 amazing things you have done in your life, but as I consider all of life amazing, some of these things may seem rather ordinary to the rest of you. Drink up.

I don't have the attention span to think up 100 new things all at once, so this is going to have to come in installments. Which you know will take me over a year to finish.

Oh, and y'all are tagged to do the same.

100 (Amazing?) Things I Have Done

1. Once, when I was about four, I found a huge wad of chewed gum in our yard. It looked really inviting, yet I knew I was not supposed to eat stuff that I found on the ground. I picked it up and just held it, and figured it wouldn't hurt just to take a quick chomp on part of it while holding onto the rest of it. I liked it. So I took another chomp. Yum. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had the whole thing in my mouth and was chewing away happily.

Ok, that sounded kind of dirty.

2. One time, when I was a teenager, I purposely turned up our stereo very loud just to see if my parents would make me turn it down. They just closed the kitchen door. I guess it was because I almost never listened to loud rock music and they were glad I was starting to appear normal.

3. Very occasionally, if I become very active without having eaten anything, I am overcome by an intense migraine headache. One morning I was very busy and had to shop for a new car. I was in the final negotiation stage of a purchase when the massive headache hit me. I was hunched over, head in my hands, and the salesman was asking what the problem was. "Low blood sugar, I need something to eat," I was barely able to mutter without throwing up. He ran across the street to get me a sandwich, and then I was fine within 10 minutes. I've never understood exactly why that happens, or at least why it happens so randomly.

4. In high school I used to write my friend Gretchen these horrible notes about how I wasn't going to be her friend any more, but then would never give them to her.

5. One time I was picking my nose (in private.) I got ahold of a small piece, and when I pulled on it out came a looooong string of dry crust that had been stuck all the way up my sinuses. It was outstanding.

6. My third grade Sunday school teacher asked us all to share something that made us feel afraid. When we were done sharing, she told us it made her afraid to see a black man on the street at night. I never told my parents about this.

7. When my cat Samantha disappeared, my dad took me to the local shelter to look for her. When we saw she wasn't there, he said "you can have another cat if you want." I replied tearily, and much more loudly than I had intended, "I don't WANT another cat." Everyone in the room turned and looked at me sadly.

8. When I was living in France I was invited to a "black tie" party, though I didn't know it was black tie because the word in French for tuxedo is "costume." People kept telling me I'd need a "costume" for the party, so I would just tell them not to worry and that I would go dressed as a monster or something. I didn't end up going. I think the people inviting me retracted the invitation because they thought I was insane.

9. When I was 16 I allowed myself to be seduced by this older girl who looked like Diana Scarwid. Ok, she was only a year older but it was still scary. Not Diana Scarwid, but the girl.

10. I completely forgot to go to a piano competition I was supposed to compete in one time. My piano teacher was not happy, but really wanted me to enter so she convinced a judge that I had been sick and the judge let me come play for her at her house. I don't remember the outcome.

Stay tuned for part 2.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gratuitous cat shots

I've been posting a bit more frequently over at American Idolatry, so forgive my neglect of this blog.

Here are all of my cats.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

CPW Public Service Announcement

Gentle Readers,

Did you know there is a website where anyone with Internet access can retrieve of a copy of your driver's license? Scary stuff.

Fortunately there is also a link where you can request your license be removed. I would also suggest putting a fraud alert on your name with the three credit reporting agencies to prevent your identity from being stolen.

Click here to see if your license is on the website, and if so, take action immediately to get it removed.