Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Nudge me...just like that....

This is Tiny Tim. He is lame, but not as lame as I am.

This morning I got an email from my dear friend Flannery over at Prone to Whimsy, alerting me to the fact that she dedicated a short story to me on her blog.

Unlike some of our blogging friends who have intentionally checked out of our little webiverse, I refuse to let CPW die even though I rarely write here any more. I continue to grasp at the thin hope that I will one day take up my virtual quill and relive my golden days of blogging. Until then, the world will just have to wait for my inspiration to return.

Meanwhile, please be a bunch of dears and email me if you write something you think I would enjoy. By now you all know the kinds of things that will get you my undivided attention: tales to satisfy my sick Mormon fascination; pictures of cats; anything that would make the average person cringe in embarrassment; and of course, anything about me.

I'm so lame that I don't even do that thing where you can get notified if someone links to your blog. All that stuff seems to take so damn long to figure out, and I'm old now.

Love and coasters,