Thursday, December 30, 2010

An Early Welcome to 2011!

If you text in front of me one more time I will have you killed.

It's fun having a New Year's Eve birthday because I get a whole fresh start x2. Here are my 2011 resolutions:

1. Pay more attention to Coaster Punchman's World.

2. Quit Facebook.

3. Make more people-friends.

4. Never let my lower back go out again. Which means regular strengthening exercises once I'm up off my back from the episode I'm currently experiencing.

Number One I'm doing because I miss all of you and I miss writing.

Number Two I'm doing partially to get away from people I don't want to see, but mainly out of protest against laptops and handhelds having taken over society. Poor George and I are instituting a new rule that there is no handheld or laptop use allowed in the common rooms of our house (business use is excluded, however.) So if you are ever in our home and you want to use your laptop or crackberry/iphone/whatever-phone for texting, you will need to excuse yourself to the bathroom or guest bedroom or office. It might be a little awkward enforcing it at first, but we will have a store of polite ways in our back pocket. "Oh, I see you need to text - let me take you into my office where you'll have more privacy." Heh heh.

Number Three I'm doing because I work at home and haven't had a chance to meet a lot of real, live people in San Diego. And it's good for Poor George and me to have to have some separate friends. Not everything has to be done in a group.

Number Four should speak for itself. I have not had a serious episode since the summer of 2007, and now I've been flat on my back for over a week. Enough is enough with this - I'm going to make myself a sign that says something to the effect of "do the work today or be crippled tomorrow. Your choice."

Love and coasters --- and welcome back to CPW!