Sunday, February 05, 2006

Random Blog of the Week: Tokyo

I've been cyberstalking this guy for a while. He's kind of a cute geek-boy computer scientist living in Japan for work. He writes these kind of geeky but entertaining little entries about his expat life, with lots of pictures. I was wondering why the comments are usually in German until I figured out, duh, that he's GERMAN. That would explain the geek-boy thing - I find Germans to be simultaneously geeky and charming, with very strange senses of humor. I always think of an old SNL sketch on "Sprokets" where some German lady was describing some "absolutely hilarious" performer she'd seen, who turned out to be an ordinary old circus clown. Apparently she'd been quite moved by it.

I guess our new computer scientist friend blogs in English because he used to live in NY and probably has a lot of English speaking readers. What do I know, I'm just a geeky NY cyberstalker.

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