Thursday, March 16, 2006

Random Blog of the Week: Ask the Pope

I realize I'm a few days late with my new RBOTW, but people were just having so much fun with Ms. Boring Blogger (and yes, it appears to be a female - if you read the commments you'll see that a cyberstalker-in-training opened enough of her archive links until she found an entry discussing menses.)

Anyway, here's another gem I stumbled across. Fitting for St. Patrick's Day, coming up tomorrow (and which I'm dreading since I work on the parade route - a guy threw up in front of my building last year....)


lulu said...

The really funny part is reading the comment section. Some people have *no* sense of humour.

Coaster Punchman said...

Oh my, you're right. I hadn't even read the comments on the post about St. Valentine. That was fun!

I once worked for a company that got attacked by the Catholic League because we were selling a legitimate film called "The Vatican Exposed." It was actually a neutral documentary about life in the Vatican City, but since the title of the film sounded like there was some sort of scandal involved, we started getting hate mail from William Donahue's henchmen. It was scary.

We called his office to try to explain that the film wasn't a negative portrayal. Instead of talking to us, he published in his next newsletter a statement that we had responded to his letter-writing campaign and that we had cried "uncle."

What a fucking asshole. I hope he ends up in hell where he belongs.

lulu said...

I was under the assumption that most of my friends would be spending eternity in Hell. Why would we want to clutter it up with riff-raff like him?