Sunday, March 26, 2006

Random Blog of the Week: Casper DC

I've been cyberstalking Casper for several months. I stumbled across him during my random "View Next Blog" clicking exercise (which, as you may recall, is the only way I'm allowed to find a blog to post in my RBOTW series.) I was treated to pictures of some nice looking men at a pool party.

So I did the only logical thing, which was to launch a "straight or gay?" cyberstalking quest in which you examine other posts in an attempt to determine an orientational leaning. (Yes, I know I'm married, but it's always prudent to keep abreast of one's surroundings.)

Verdict: Casper is probably gay, but possibly just French.

I'm fascinated by Casper's blog because it's just a picture blog. He posts no commentary, so the only way you can tell what the f*ck is going on is just to keep checking back for more pictures.

These pictures make me wonder "who is Casper?" and "what is his story?" From what I can tell, he is a gay-or-just-French guy living in a tastefully minimalist apartment in DC who sometimes goes to IHOP, Rehoboth and weddings, and who recently underwent an extensive and lengthy search for a new car.

He once posted a picture I didn't understand, so I posted a comment. His response was to remove the entire posting, picture and all.

I think Casper wants to remain anonymous. Or maybe he's afraid of being cyberstalked.

Casper, if you ever decide you want to open up and let us know the whole story, we'll be here for you.

By the way, if I had a son, I would not necessarily rule out naming him "Casper."


lulu said...

couldn;t he be gay *and* French?

jin said...

Strange...I might give it one more look...depends, what's the prize this time?

Coaster Punchman said...

Hmmm, not sure about a prize. I'll consider it. Gay factors: posts about Dupont Circle, Rehoboth, handsome men in swimsuits, tastefully appointed surroundings, guy in the tree ornament video totally queens out. Just French factors: demeanor and apparel of the older people visiting him, various Frenchisms in his captions (in addition to using French words, he says things like "My hotel AT Philly" rather than "IN Philly"), faces of the men have that look like they've been making a lot of cheesy French expressions.

Yes, one can be both French AND gay, but isn't that overkill?

Grant Miller said...

French guys kick ass without even trying. The bastards.