Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Bubs Interview: Question 1 - Finale

Our Nova Scotia Christmas. This is the first picture taken of CP + Poor George.

After the completion of our ill-fated card game, Michael and Timothy retired to their respective sleeping chambers on the second floor. Timothy went to his usual bedroom while Michael was in a large room with two full-size beds, one for him and one meant for me. George and I decided we weren't quite ready for bed yet, so we bade the other boys good-night and sat at the kitchen table a while longer. The rest of the house was just too damn cold.

George re-outfitted himself with the red Santa Claus hat that he wore while chopping wood outside, and moved closer to the stove to warm his hands.

"So you're a clarinetist, are you?" I said, shivering. The air seemed to grow ever more frigid by the second.

"Yep. And too bad I didn't bring one with me on this trip. I don't like to go too long without practicing; makes it easier to lose your lip."

"Yes, it is always tragic to lose one's lip. What kind of music are you working on?" I can never seem to resist a smart comment, especially where none is called for.

"My pianist and I are working up a recital of 19th century romance pieces. Some of it is really hard and requires a lot of fast tonguing."

"Fast tonguing?" Not being a wind player, I didn't know much about these things.

"Yes. Sometimes when you have fast sections you have to flick your tongue back and forth to play the different notes."


"Tongue flicking. Gee, you could really make the girls happy with that." I couldn't resist; it was just too easy.

"Well I can make the boys pretty happy too," George replied with a devilish grin.

Ha! I knew he liked me.

"Well, we'll just have to see about that," I answered, returning his play. Despite what he likes to tell everyone about how aggressive I was during our courtship, I maintain that it was George who started the whole dance.


After a bit, George announced he was ready to go to bed. I agreed that sounded like a good idea, and we exited the semi-frigid kitchen to retreat to our respective sleeping spaces, George's in the cozy living room next to the stove, and mine in the tundra that was the upstairs. I felt at least half of my face go numb as I made my way into the icy bedroom, and I momentarily feared for the health of my sleeping cousin who hadn't been feeling too well to begin with.

As I was fishing through my suitcase in the dark to feel for some warm sleeping clothes, I thought I was even beginning to lose sensation in my fingers. Enough was enough, I decided, and I marched back downstairs into the living room where George was busy stoking the wood stove's limp fire.

"How convenient for you that you'll be right next to the stove all night while the rest of us are up there freezing our butts off," I remarked.

"Well, would you rather sleep down here and feed the fire all night like I'm planning to do? How else do you think the house is going to get any heat at all?"

"As a matter of fact, yes, I would," I replied, sitting down on the tiny bed.

"Well you'll have to fight me for that spot, because I already called it."

"You already called it? That's very charming, George. The fact remains, however, that regardless of whatever school yard dibs game you think we're playing, I am not going back upstairs to sleep. It is too cold. I just moved back east from California and I'm not used to this kind of weather yet."

"Cry me a river." George started changing into his sleeping clothes while I remained on the bed.

I didn't really want to beg, but considering the circumstances I decided it wasn't necessarily beneath me.

"PLEASE don't make me go back upstairs. I will freeze to death. I'm serious. I could die up there, and then you'll have to blame yourself the rest of your days. I can't allow you to do that to yourself."

"I'll take my chances," he responded with not even a hint of sarcasm. "Good night, I'm going to sleep." George crawled right over me and got under the covers.

Silence for a few minutes.

"Get the light, would you?" George asked.

"I will. But I'm not going upstairs. I'm staying here with you."

"Whatever. Just close the damn light already. I'm exhausted."

"Ok." I turned out the light and changed into my sweatsuit. "You're going to have to move over," I said, lifting the covers.

"Move over where? Have you seen the size of this bed?" He laughed.

"I don't care. Anything will be better than sleeping alone in that cold room." I snuggled in next to George, who spontaneously wrapped his arms around my waist.

And that, Gentle Readers, is how it all began. It's also all you need to hear - although, for the record, nothing R-rated occurred until the end of the trip.

Which I won't be writing about.

So, Bubs, did we "meet cute?" I guess it's for you and my other Gentle Readers to decide.


chelene said...

You definitely met cute and there were some great exchanges between the two of you. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole story.

Dino aka Katy said...

I would say you met cute what a great story and that you remember it. I wish I remembered all of the things Grumpy and I did/said before we became officially a couple but I think my partying days robbed me of a few braincells

Dale said...

I love that this story has lasted almost as long as your relationship. Excellent job.

Bubs said...

Yes you did "meet cute"! FINALLY. This was my favorite part of the story. I can't remember which 1930's screwball comedy it was where the guy and gal meet and have to share a hotel room...but anyway, your exchange over the warm bed by the fire reminded me of that. I loved it!

jin said...


A great story told most excellently.

Thanks for sharing!

Coaster Punchman said...

Thanks for sticking with us Chelene.

Katy, you should now tell the story of you + Grumpy - you'd be surprised what details you can remember if you just sit and think about it. Or do what I do; make up whatever you don't remember, of course putting yourself in the most attractive light.

Yay! Another delightful backhanded compliment from our beloved Dale!

Are we talking "It Happened One Night" Bubs? By the way, who is this new guy who's about to haul off and crack someone? Oh, and I can get to the rest of your questions now; I may not even take two months to complete them.

All I could do Jin, since you shared about how you met D - and more!

GrizzBabe said...

Awww, man! Just when it was starting to get good!

Doc said...

It is "It Happened One Night", 1934. Clark Gable, and Claudette Colbert, directed by none other than Frank Capra.

Ahh, I'm such a sucker for a good romance story.

I joined the story a little late, and the installment that had George's mother asking where his girlfriend was makes a lot more sence now.

Congrats C.P.


Bubs said...

CP, yes, it was It Happened One Night! Thank you.

That new fellow next to my name is Ralph Meeker, from "Kiss Me Deadly"

Coaster Punchman said...

Sorry Grizz, it's not like me to get too much more detailed with the physical stuff.

Doc, this whole meeting-George story occured over (I think) 6 installments, all titled "Bubs Interview." Not that you'd care to go back and read the whole thing. Ahem.

Kiss Me Deadly - one I have not seen, Bubs. Sounds like film noir. I'll have to check it out.

Beth said...

Oh, my! I'm fanning myself over how skillfully PG started this dance. He brought the double-e to a new level, that one.

And, yes, you two met WAY cute!

pg said...

Lies, lies, all lies, I am the long lost sole heir to the Anastasia Beaverhausen fortune and I know nothing about any of this.

CP, please remember to timely remind and update your readership that I am NOT the biological child of the Mama Gin and that I was switched at birth.

BeckEye said...

Is it wrong that I was doing the '70s porn bass line while reading this?

Tenacious S said...

The suspense broken and a happy ending. I can rest now.

Chris said...

You are a sly devil, CP. Way too cute!

anandamide said...

the moral of the story seems to be: gay guys should take up the clarinet.

Tumuli said...

Meet cute? Yes, indeed.

Coaster Punchman said...

I know Beth, want to borrow him sometime? :)

PG, you're sure obsessed with that Beaverhausen.

No Beckeye, you were right, all right baby...

T-S, I thought you knew how it ended anyway.

Yeah, it was pretty cute, Chris.

Not sure about that, Anandamide. I still think the girls would benefit more from the clarinetists. Just sayin.

Thanks T.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"It Happened One Night." Of course, that's what's missing, the curtain and one of you showing a little leg while hitchhiking.

Writeprocrastinator said...

A wonderful story BTW.

Anonymous said...

Sweet!! I loved this story. Can you continue and do chapter 2?

Valerie said...

Great story. I love hearing how couples have met/started their relationships.

Cute pic too.