Monday, January 19, 2009

This inauguration can suck a bag of dicks

Obama taking away the ladder

Yes, it's an historic moment. The first (half) black president. More importantly, we're finally rid of Bush, although Karl Rove and the rest of the pit bulls will most certainly be back in four to eight years to put Jeb in office. So our period of relief is certain to be short lived.

And although we are supposed to be celebrating this great "change" we are about to experience by Obama taking the oath of office, there are also those who can rest quietly knowing that some things never change.

Case in point: Prominent "liberals" running for office always court the gay vote while they are running, and throw the fags and dykes under the bus the moment they get into office. The ultimate "fuck you!" school-yard bully trick.

At least Clinton had the decency to wait until he was IN office before kissing our support good-bye with "don't ask don't tell." Obama began pulling the ladder while planning his inauguration by choosing Rick Warren, a vocal supporter of Proposition H8, to perform the invocation.

Obama is an asshole. How many ministers of faith do we have in the USA? Is it just possible that there might have been another minister, anywhere, who has done the kind of good work that Warren has done in the world WITHOUT having made the inexcusable foray into politics?

Short answer: yes, it is possible he could have found someone who was not inordinately offensive to an important part of his constituency. It is entirely possible.

But did he want to do that? No. He WANTED to offend us - and guess why? Because in choosing to offend us, he is garnering support from the religious crazies who didn't put him into office. Just so he can call himself a "uniter." He did it on purpose.

Because in the end, gays don't really matter, and don't have anyone else to turn to anyway. We are completely expendable politically. After all, it is still the common belief that any major candidate for the presidency has to support "traditional" marriage even to have a chance of winning the office.

It would be nice if that outmoded idea would change.

In case anyone is planning on commenting about Obama's subsequent choice of Gene Robinson, the openly gay Episcopal bishop, to say a prayer at a pre-inaugural event, I would simply say "too little too late." If he cared that much about not offending us, he should have invited him to stand up next to Warren and deliver a second prayer at the actual inauguration, the one that everyone (but me) will be watching.

Yes, I'm bitter. I was uninvited to the country's party at the 11th hour - why shouldn't I be?

Obama, you can suck my balls. God damned ladder-puller.


B.O. said...

Dear CP:

Does this mean that you no longer find my lips to be pretty?

Some Guy said...

I don't blame you, CP. That thing with Warren was a dick move on Obama's part. It didn't make sense to me at all. Having a prayer is dumb to begin with, but that's a whole other issue.

For me, tomorrow is a celebration of an end more than a beginning. I am so thankful that we will soon be rid of a great source of my anger during these past eight years. I can only hope that Obama comes to his senses and sees how how unjustly gays and lesbians are treated and then does something about it.

Dale said...

It was flabbergasting when Warren showed up by invitation. I hope tomorrow is as Chris says, more a celebration of an end than a beginning and that better things start happening and fast.

I won't 'say a little prayer for you' but I will sing that one line over and over until someone clocks me.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

There's a LGBT part in the Civil Rights section of the new White House page. Rah! I'm all for holding Obama accountable to all the promises he made.

That asshat Warren was a most enraging choice and was roundly hissed in Sproul Plaza this morning. The man has no style.

Tenacious S said...

Personally, I think it is a little soon to call him a ladder puller. I agree that the Warren choice is inflammatory, but I think the Lowery choice speaks volumes. While I realize that Lowery has a different agenda than you do, it really is all the same agenda and hopefully people will soon realize this.

GrizzBabe said...

Take solace in the fact that Warren's prayer was very eh (my pastor gave it a C-) and was quickly forgotten by the time Lowery got up to give the benediction, and he hit it out of the park. It's Lowery's prayer that will be remembered, not Warren's.

Melinda June said...

Warren is a prime example of an "ass-hat." What a bastard.

Personally, I don't think Obama is particularly strong on LGBT issues and never has been. But my hope is that his penchant for civility and civil rights will advance the cause anyway, and I'm hoping that with the voice of Lowery in his ear it just might. When you've got a founder of the SCLC on your side, people start to take notice, especially African-Americans - a big percent of your "Yes on 8" voters.

Coaster Punchman said...

Although Lowery didn't support Prop 8, he still says gays shouldn't have "marrigage" because marriage is between a man and a woman.

I'm a little (more than a little actually) tired of all this "oh isn't it great that we can all get along even when we differ in opinion?"

If someone's "differing opinion" is that I am somehow LESS THAN they are, I a) do not consider that a valid opinion that I should respect at all, and b) I no longer see a need to be civil about it.

Let's start being civil with Holocaust deniers while we're at it. They're entitled to their opinion, right? Their opinions should be valid and accepted, right?


B.O. said...

I love You CP, please forgive me, don't you think my lips are pretty??

BeckEye said...

I think this may be the one and only Obama-related post that features the tag "Obama can suck a bag of dicks." Even counting Republican blogs. You've made history, sir!

Grant Miller said...

An entire bag???

Tenacious S said...

My problem is that I am an eternal optimist. I guess I just keep hoping that sooner or later they will make things right. Sooner certainly would be better.

Anonymous said...

DUDE..TOTALLY AGREE..i am an x Repub. been voting for Dems..sinse Clinton..but I gave up on this one...when i started to make out my Income ran home..I will always be classified as single..though no falt of my own..He promised us nonthing...well all the gay commuity organizers and Government policoally connected hope to be $$ rewarded. But the gay person in general we get a sly third if to say,,I want you to suck me..but do not tell..or I will beat your but. I am sick of the policial greedy bunch who lust for ower. I guessI am a scorned Bitch..I fell in love with Hillary..I guess it is the real women part of me.

Margie & David said...

You have never been and never will be less than anyone. No one has the right to say your are or are not. I am proud to call you my brother but not because you are gay but because of who you are. You have shown me in many ways to stand up to injustice. To not accept anyone's opinion of who I am except me. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can make you feel bad about yourself without your permission." Smart lady.
You are the best brother anyone could ever hope for. No one will ever convince me different. xox

Sister M

Melinda June said...

Well, actually, you're less than me, but that's only because I'm better looking. Pretty people deserve more.