Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I'm in Sunny Eagan Minnesota

Eagan Minnesota sucks. It's cold and there are no restaurants to speak of. One of my colleagues from New Jersey asked a local cop where she could get some Italian food and he tried to send her to the Olive Garden. Now she's all pissed. What did she expect?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems that this sort of story would count as the kind of thing you would not want your family to discover that anyone with access to the net could read to be both horrified, bemused, and saddened by. Of course now the word is out, virtually, to the whole world, so be careful...be very careful...unless painful honesty and embarassing moments in life revealed to the world are what your family lives for.
On another note, since there is still yet time to flee Eagan for some sort of edible food, check out buon giorno i nonni's deli and resturaunt in Mendota Heights off of 35E and hwy 13/Sibley Hwy for really good "I"talian (heavy on the "I") for lunch, or if you have a large account try the other side for dinner.