Sunday, April 09, 2006

Random Blog of the Week: One-Legged Old Fat Man

One day in 1990, Mindy June, KC and I were all home sick from work on the same day. I had thrown a dinner party a few nights prior, and one of the guests had an infectious streptococcus which he or she gave to all the other dinner guests. Bon appetit!

Anyway, since we were all sick, we decided to hang out together, watch movies and eat comfort food. Mindy's choice for a video rental was, inexplicably, a really stupid movie which she described as being "about a peg-legged violinist starring Kristi MacNichol."

It turns out that Kristi's character was not, in fact, a peg-legged violinist, but rather a flutist with a club foot. But I digress.

This stupid movie became part of our standard film repertoire. And, because we are generally not very nice people, we often find ourselves laughing about poor Kristi and her peg-leg. Imagine my delight, then, when I recently ran across this blog entitled "One-Legged Old Fat Man."

Our new friend, the one-legged old fat man, apparently decided that there needed to be a blog devoted to reporting the weather in northern Florida. After all, as he so succinctly states in his profile, "weather is something everyone talks about, but nobody does anything about."

I'm with you, one-legged old fat man. I promise, from this day forward, that I will turn only to you whenever I encounter a need involving the weather in north Florida. Thank you for tending to this for us.


Melinda June said...

Yeah, and the movie gets a good rating on IMDB

I'm telling you, it's a classic. Can I have a copy for my 40th birhday?

Coaster Punchman said...

Um, I'm not sure I'd call 5.6 out of 10 a "good" rating. And anyway, we've both misspelled Kristy McNichol's name on our blog profiles. We have to change that.