Friday, October 19, 2007

Marriage and Mormon Mayhem: Sushi hates me now

Well Gentle Readers,

So much for my attempts at diplomacy. Sushi Boy, after sending me these sweet little emails inviting me to post "Friday Field Trips" and signing them "Your friend, Sushi" has written me off because of my former Mormon-watching posts.

True, I had promised to stop taking pot shots at Mormons, which I did - but I forgot to take down the old posts.

So, instead of reading my posts and responding with thoughtful comments (not that he has much ability to think for himself, let alone spell) he decided to read the rest of my blog and was INCENSED at my unwarranted attacks on the Mormon religion!

Just think, how dare I actually MAKE FUN of a religious group that has spent millions of dollars putting ads on TV comparing Poor George and me to a couple of dogs.

Sushi, if you're reading this, hear me loud and clear: I have some nice Mormon friends who actually understand concepts of justice and fairness. Although they love their church, they have apologized to me personally for the pain their church has caused.

You, on the other hand, are not even good enough to call yourself a Mormon. I think you should rip off those underwear and not put them on again until you repent for your atrocious behavior. Someone reaches out to you - and instead of trying to look for understanding and common ground, you go out of your way to find things you can throw back in their face. I gave you how many apologies for having said mean things about Mormons? Many. Even if I did forget to take down the old posts (which I am leaving up, by the way.)

How many apologies have you given me for the things you and your church do to me?


Who is acting like a Christian here, Sush? Um, not you, methinks.

Since you obviously equate making underwear jokes with denying civil rights to an entire population of people, I've decided (long after my Gentle Readers who are obviously a lot smarter than I am) that you are not worth the struggle. You are a hopeless case.

Reprinted here for my Gentle Readers is the most recent expression of affection I received from Sush.

Coincidentally, he failed to answer any of my arguments or questions. Hmmm, wonder why? Could it be because he's so wrong he doesn't have anything left to say?



Tom, So, I read you post. Its the biggest line of BS I've heard lately. I was willing to talk before, but I'm not now.

You have lied to me multiple times, and I'm not going to stick around why you or your friends take shots at me. I've also read the rest of your blog, so I could take you in context. So I could understand how you and George got together, how you felt about one another. Instead I found your Mormon watching junk. When I asked you about it you lied.

You said on Chris's Blog, “But obviously I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feeling seriously.” Do you honestly expect me to believe that? If its your goal to not hurt “anyone” your either hopelessly inept (and being a lawyer, with many a writing classes under your belt I doubt it), or your lying.

You also said, “"Mormon Watching" is exactly that: keeping an eye on the LDS church to see what they might try to do to me next.” Also a huge line of crap that I'm not buying. Yah, you're full of it.

I could accept you didn't like Mormons. But don't lie to me. Mormon watching is nothing more than your personal vendetta against Mormons. Don't lie to me and tell me its,"I want to see you Mormons will attack me next" You've stated the opposite on your blog, more than once.

I think this whole 'conversation' was a complete ruse to have a go at me. I've never done anything to hurt you, my church despite its political opposition to your 'rights' has also never gone out of its way to hurt you. Never called you names. Never gone out of its way to go into a gay bar and try to hurt as many people as they could. (Like your little temple excursions, where you go trying to make people feel stupid).

I thought maybe you could actually explain why Gay Marriage was a good thing, and not just “not bad” or “not hurting you”. Or at least why you thought so. How dare you tell me to stay on the issue and not defend myself. If I'm called something I'm not I'll defend myself. But Whatever. You stated your purpose almost a month ago, “I'm all for antagonizing Mormons any way I can”. I should have believed you then.

How have you hurt Mormons? You've made a hobby of it.
Yah I'm angry, but nobody is perfect. I still will not go out of my way to hurt you or belittle you. You want to bash on Mormons? Go ahead its your first amendment right. But don't expect me to return the favor, and don't expect me to sit around while you do. I've got better things to do.

I'd prefer not to here from you again.


jin said...

I'm not quite sure what to say.

your Pagan,
straight but not narrow

Thanks for never judging me CP.

Marni said...

What a douche...

glad he's gone.

Tanya Espanya said...

He'd prefer not to 'here' from you again. Make sure he doesn't 'here' from you again, okay, Tom?

Here here,


Dino aka Katy said...

have you ever noticed how Mormon and moron have the same letters but one???? I think his letter shows why. Forget him there are plenty of open minded people out there to talk to.

Chris said...

It sounds as if he thinks you and I were part of some big conspiracy, to lure him in so that we could make fun of him.

Like I have said many, many times, I will never begrudge someone's right to practice their religion, SO LONG AS it doesn't impact my life in any way. This includes knocking on my door and forcing me to get up, put on some pants, and see who's there.

Plus, it's complete bullshit that he had to go back and read your old posts to determine what kind of relationship you two have and how you met to help him decide whether your points were valid. What the fuck difference does that make!? Sounds like he'd appointed himself judge and I'm pretty sure the Bible says something about not doing that.

Keith Kennedy said...

I think the horse is dead. Long live the horse beater!

Yea for CP and George!

Boooooo for the Mormon.

Dale said...

It's too bad Sushi Boy has given up his thoughtful arguments CP, you showed him for what he is and isn't.

Was he typing in 'When Mormon Bashing CP Met George' I wonder?

vikkitikkitavi said...

" church despite its political opposition to your 'rights' has also never gone out of its way to hurt you."

First of all, I'm wondering if everyone's "rights" get put in quotes, or just gay people's?

Secondly, the profound ignorance of the statement itself astounds even me. His church's political opposition doesn't hurt you? Of course it does. That's the point of the opposition, is to obstruct the progress of gay rights. The obstruction of gay rights harms you, obviously. C'mon, that's a simple logical progression that even someone deep into magical thinking can't ignore.

CP, there's nothing you could've done. Once SB figured out that his pathetic LDS talking points weren't going to fly, he was just looking for an excuse to chicken out. He's just a kid, probably, and a cowardly one at that. He never wanted to really talk about anything. He only wanted to snark and play the Christian martyr.

And...I hate to do the "I told you so" thing...but he does wear some funny underwear.

Melinda June said...

"Sushi Boy"...yeah, THAT sounds straight.

Bless him, he obviously had quite a crush on you, sweetie. He's obviously done a fair bit of archive reading. I think perhaps he found you by googling "cyberstalking".

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

If he and his church had their way they'd shove you and PG back in the closet and shut down all the gay bars. He's a piece of sanctimonious crap.

Jake's Mom said...

I sincerely hope he doesn't reproduce. His being moron is an insult to morons...oops I meant Mormon.

Bubs said...

So, is Mormon-hating about the worst thing you've ever been accused of? Because I know, for me, that would be like the LEAST offensive thing I've ever been accused of.

Once again, no good deed goes unpunished, and your efforts at thoughtful outreach were for naught. Still, you tried, and you're a better man than I am for how thoughtful and reasoned you remained.

chelene said...

I thought it might end this way but I still admire your effort.

jin said... changed your label!!!

Creepy said...

Interesting that someone so passionate about their beliefs will just take their ball and go home. No surprise, considering Moronism is almost as absurd as Scientology. Almost.

And Moronism is basically Christianity 2.0, just like Christianity is basically Judaism 2.0. At some point someone disagreed and felt the need to change the rules. Interesting that an omnipotent god would be so flawed things needed overhauls.

It's sad that people consider homosexuality "an abomination" because of what a book written 2,000 years ago says.

Eebie said...

Jin, I'm still reading your blog although I sometimes don't know what to say about desert.

I will say you're hot.

CP, I think it comes down to self-esteem. Who was it that said "We fight most vigilantly for that which we don't understand." De Montagne, I think.

Anyway, he put up a hell of a fight.

BeckEye said...

Oh Tanya, how dare you steal the potshot that I had lined up.

I'd really like someone to explain why Mormons thought it was okay to practice polygamy, when the Bible states that having sex outside of your marriage (marriage - singular, not plural) is a sin, yet homosexuality is supposedly against God's law. Furthermore, I'd like to know if Steve Young is a polygamist and how I can get a slice of that hot piece of meat.

I'd also like to know why so many Christians use the Bible to back up their fear and loathing of homosexuality, even though there isn't really anything in it to back them up, yet they don't seem to care so much about divorce and premarital sex among straights. How many people who speak out against gay marriage do you really think were virgins before they were married? Why is divorce legal when the Bible states that anyone who gets dirvorced and remarried is committing ADULTERY, which is a SIN? It sure must be nice to be able to pick and choose which sins you're allowed to commit like that. Lucky zealots!

Why can't these holier than thou morons see their own hypocrisy?

And sorry, George, for using the word "homosexuality" so much. How's gaiety? Queerdom? Fancy-pantsness? ;)

jin said...

Thanks eebie!
Back at ya whipping boy!!!

Anonymous said...

I knew there was a good reason why I hate sushi other than the smell.

Grant Miller said...

Is the blog war over so soon?

Bella Rossa said...

Darn. I was hoping that the kind and true heart I know you to possess (without benefit of IRL friendship, BTW) might offer a prism of new perspective for our Sushi friend.

Ah well. Maybe he'll lurk around for awhile and catch the drift (the drift that is neither Mormon nor gay, BTW).

Love always,

Your Bella

Hot Lemon said...

"I don't like people. They fuck me up."

---Jake Chambers
"The Gunslinger"

Narcissus said...

I will pray for you....

Not Echo

wonderturtle said...

The word rights in quotation marks.


Old Lady said...

Guess he doesn't understand Catharsis. My father used to say, "I may not agree with what you say, but I support to the death, your right to say it." Keep on shining that light CP.

jewgirl said...

I am so relieved you didn't take down any of your Mormon posts. Making light of organized religion is entertaining, keeps things in perspective and educates people about political issues in this country driven by certain religious movements.

Sushi's stupidity is epic. I'm sorry he was on the attack. You wrote about things the Mormons have and continue to do to deny gay folks equal rights under the constitution. Don't stop doing that! If your voice is silenced, they win--fuck that.

Until homosexsssuals have the same rights that I have, it's discrimination, it's criminal and it shouldn't be tolerated by anyone.

You go, CP. xoxoxoxox

michaelg said...

Thanks for fighting the fight here. I personally run out of breath with these types.
In my world, it is open season on Mormons and any other religious sect that can't fathom marriage as a secular, not sacred, institution. Give 'em hell!