Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NYC Blogger Reviews: Deadspot (or, how Beckeye and I became the official NYC Blogger Welcome Wagon)

NYC Blogger Reviews is a new CPW series where we will review and critique bloggers that we meet in person. After all, assessing the respective strengths and character flaws of those in our blog circle is an important task, not to be undertaken lightly. NYC Blogger Reviews will provide most of the scathing commentary you have come to expect from CPW; for the rest you will have to turn to Beckeye who might slip in a review when she's not reporting on important news about Glenn Tilbrook, Britney Spears or Top Chef.

Today on NYC Blogger Reviews we will recap our evening with special blogger guest star Deadspot from over at Dead Spot on the Web. (It's a spot. It's on the web. It's dead. You know the rest.)

It had become quite the comedy of errors trying to figure out how and where to get together. Beckeye was brave enough to suggest an actual meal rather than a drink; already knowing me in real life, she probably fell for that whole "safety in numbers" thing and felt no need to worry that we might pass out and end up in Deadspot's basement. After all, he has at times toyed with the notion that some might think him a creepy cyberstalker, something that would only increase my respect for him.

Since Beckeye suggested eating actual food, I tried to come up with a few interesting ideas for people out for a fun evening while sticking to a sensible budget. My first idea along that line is always to get Indian food in the East Village. After Deadspot's enthusiastic e-mail reply to this, Beckeye bristled at the notion of being required to eat something other than a burger, although rumor has it she has recently broadened her palate to include meat loaf - so I'm trying not to be too hard on her.

I moved to Plan B and compiled a list of every halfway interesting place I could think of that didn't cost an arm and a leg, and called Beckeye to help me narrow it down.

"I really don't care where we go - you guys can pick, just don't make me eat anything spicy. And that way, if I don't like it I still get to complain," said Beckeye. I wasn't going to let her get off that easily though, since complaining about the venue is usually my specialty.

"I recently went to this trailer-park themed restaurant that serves tater tots. That would be good!" she offered. I looked them up and found their location in Chelsea, noting to myself that a trailer-park restaurant amongst all the snotty queens in that neighborhood seemed like an amusing juxtaposition.

I headed with Poor George into the city, trusting that Deadspot would call me eventually so that I could instruct him on where to meet us. Apparently, maintaining one's status as a creepy cyberstalker involves not purchasing a cell phone since I suppose cell phones make it easier for the Feds to track you down.

I did hear from him as we were crossing the Manhattan Bridge into the city.

"Hi Deadspot. Since you're from Central Illinois we figured you might like something to make you feel at home. So we're taking you to eat in a trailer-park." Unfortunately, Deadspot has a sense of humor and wasn't as offended as he would have been if I'd really been on my game.

"By the way, we have no idea what you look like, or if you even exist at all, so you'll have to recognize us," I noted.

"Oh, that's ok, I'll describe myself. Just look for a guy with dark hair, jeans and a leather jacket." Fair enough.


I dropped Poor George off at his music rehearsal and headed over to Chelsea where I found street parking without even having to threaten anyone. The evening was moving along just swimmingly; it was exactly 7:00 which is when Deadspot and I agreed to meet. Beckeye was coming in on the subway and would take a bit longer.

I found the restaurant, only to be notified that they were closed for a private party because some Chelsea queen was seeking to return to his white trash roots as part of a birthday celebration, or at least that's my theory since I'm really just making most of this up.

Anyway, with the restaurant being closed, I was required to stand on the sidewalk and keep my eyes peeled for a non-cell phone wielding dark haired man in jeans and a leather jacket, probably not an unusual activity in that part of the city.

Thanks to Deadspot being 30 minutes late on account of an unfortunate subway direction mishap, every dark haired man in Chelsea in a leather jacket and jeans now thinks I'm cruising him. Although the exercise resulted in several dirty looks of the "what the fuck are you staring at, faggot?" variety, I'll admit it was fun to people watch for a bit.

Deadspot apologized profusely upon his arrival, and remained admirably unshaken when I berated him for casting aside my rather simple subway directions in favor of those given to him by a semi-coherent hotel doorman who had sent him over to 23rd Street in Queens, probably as a practical joke. (You really have to watch out for those doormen.)

We headed to a nearby bar & grill and had drinks and conversation while we waited for Beckeye. Topics ranged from soccer and religion to freeze-dried boxed potatoes and what neglectful bloggers we have been lately.

Beckeye arrived, we had more drinks and then enjoyed a fine meal of burgers, fish & chips and shepherd's pie.

Most importantly, Deadspot convinced Beckeye and me that he is not a creepy stalker but is a nice guy and a fine dinner companion. He gets the CP+Beckeye Blogger Stamp of Approval.

He also promised to let his own blog circle know that Beckeye and I are normal people, although he promised to make it sound more flattering than just calling us "normal." Little does he know that normalcy is a quality I've long aspired to.

Thanks, Deadspot!


BeckEye said...

I just made a connection. Trailer Park was closed for a private party on the very day that Britney's new album was released. Coincidence? I think not, y'all.

Flannery Alden said...

Oooh. Blogger meets. Someday soon I'll be able to join you and prove how normal I am too. My new job requires travel...I'll keep you posted.

Dale said...

Just once, I want a real live axe murderer to show up! Tanya keeps meeting honest to goodness people and I keep making the same stupid comment I just did.

Bella Rossa said...

burgers, fish & chips and shepherd's pie.

Dude, we SO need to hang out.

lulu said...

You didn't answer the most important question. Did you talk about me?

Writeprocrastinator said...

"He gets the CP+Beckeye Blogger Stamp of Approval."

Damn, I didn't even come close to the "meh of approval." I'm showing up forty minutes late instead of early, next time.

Coaster Punchman said...

WP dude, you got that and more...a back of the head blogger photo! I forgot to bring a camera so that we could rip off Dale's idea once again.

Lu, in fact we did mention you.

Bella, in all fairness we didn't all 3 eat all 3 of those. But I would have if I could have eaten that much at one sitting.

Dale, how do we know you're not the axe murderer? You could have us all fooled by that chunky guy in a bee costume act.

Hope to see you in NYC soon Flannery.

Beckeye, would you mind providing an analysis of a few of her earlier albums while you're at it? I liked what you did with this new one.

Jake's Mom said...

Central Illinois...trailer park? Did I even cross your mind when that came to mind?;)

Grant Miller said...

So what's the dirt on him?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

One day maybe I will be lucky enough to get that coveted seal.

jewgirl said...

youse two are hilarious. I'm howling. This is so fuckin' tits.

Beth said...

Looks like I'll be judged by CP and BeckEye in March.

Hot Lemon said...

I live in Florida... We could meet up at da' Haus o' Da' Maus and compare notes on "It's A Small World" or maybe on the Dumbo ride. Just don't talk during the Country Bears, cuz we love that show.

anandamide said...

so let me get this straight: no tater tots were consumed in this whole story? none?

Mombi said...

I am so pissed that we didn't get to meet up while I was in NYC--I had no idea this was going to be a series!

Can we just make up a story that we met while I was in town... Maybe we hit the bars for a Olivia Newton-John revival show and I got to be a featured roller skater during the Xanadu portion of the show?

deadspot said...

Thanks for meeting up on such short notice, I had a blast (and a tasty shepherd's pie). I'm glad you were both free on one of the evenings we could meet early so that we were able to spend more time hanging out. I'm just sorry that I spent so much of the evening touring the New York City subway system.

And now the burning question of the day: Do I get some kind of "not a creepy stalker" seal of approval I can post in my sidebar?

mg said...

Do you have a gurl for Georgie?? He have a gurlfriend? get marry?

tanya espanya said...

I love bloggy meet n greets!

Any pics forthcoming?

Anonymous said...

I'll come hang out with you guys if you axe me!