Friday, May 26, 2006

CPW's TV Review: E! THS

A while back I blogged about one of my most important hobbies: watching episodes of the E! True Hollywood Story about TV shows I have never seen.

The other night I caught one of these gems about "Charles in Charge." It was awesome. I learned the following:

  • Scott Baio developed an ego problem while he was still on "Happy Days."
  • Willie Aames enjoyed a lucrative TV career even before "Eight is Enough," but then he did the UNTHINKABLE and spiraled downward into drug abuse and lost all his money.
  • Willie then joined AA, joined the cast of "Charles in Charge," found God, and stopped all that bad behavior.
  • "Charles in Charge" featured one pretty girl and one "plain" girl that Charles was in charge of. (Both of them blond, about a size 3 and pretty much identical California girls.) The actress who played the "plain" girl was jealous that she didn't get to dress better.
  • The actress who played the "pretty" girl is a real bitch - you can just tell by her interview.
  • Essentially, the show was really stupid (by Scott Baio's own admission) and I missed absolutely nothing by not watching it.
There, don't I seem more culturally aware now?

What is not clear is whether Willie became a Christian or a Kristian. If anyone wishes to research this and report back to CPW, we have an opening for a Guest Blogger, and are currently accepting applications.


jin said...

That was the WORST show! *grimace*

CP, now I have the damn theme song in my head!

"charles in charge, of our days, & our nights....."

Coaster Punchman said...

Wow, sorry - I never saw the show so I don't know the theme song! Would "Facts of Life" maybe remove CIC from your brain?

jin said...

STOP, please STOP!
Not the facts of life!
*must ... think ... of ... Coldplay.....*

lulu said...

I had a total Scott Baio crush when he was on Happy Days, but I never saw Charles in Charge.

And Willie Ames has to have been just about the homliest teen star ever....although the kid from James at 15 was pretty ugly too/