Friday, May 26, 2006

New format needed?

Gentle readers,
Lulu and Sharon (sidekicks to one another, inter alia) have both complained about CPW's new format. I thought it looked nice.

So this post opens an official poll: does CPW need yet another new format?

Only the best for my readers!



Melinda June said...

thank god they said something. This looks like Timmy's First Website.

Grant Miller said...

I immediately noticed the difference. My advice is find a template you kind of like and tinker with it until you like it more. But this one is fine by me.

lulu said...

You already know how I feel. It's just so, so white.

jin said...

Ok. Honestly I HATED it at first! lol Now I think it's growing on me. (Like a fungus or like a rose, I have not yet decided! Heeheehee!!!)
Yes, it is very white, but, I like it better than all the black ones. So, whatever you do, don't change it to black!

For the record, I think they should offer more templates than they do. But what do you expect for free?!! (Besides warm cookies, just out of the oven, when you walk into my shoppe. Coffee, too. Free. They drink the coffee, stay longer, buy more stuff! YAY! :-)

lulu said...

It isn't hard to change the colors, but I think the whole format is icky. I liked the first one you had, it was black wasn't it?

Coaster Punchman said...

The very first CPW was black but I didn't really like it. You couldn't see the hypertext links. I'll see if I can work something out.

lulu said...

This looks nice!