Monday, May 08, 2006

Two-day work holiday

I took two days off work so that we could go to the country, but we ended up staying home because we have many home-related projects going on that we would like to wrap up. In place of going out of town for 3 days, we decided to spend Monday at the Bronx Zoo, which I had never been to.

I usually hate the zoo because of crowds and hot weather (which it usually is any time I go to the zoo.) Today was a perfect zoo day, however: no kids (school is still in); no lines; and no heat. The zoo was FABULOUS under these conditions.

I vowed not to be irritated at all during the day. I was almost 100% successful, save for the part where this stupid group of stupid parents almost let their stupid kids (Fischer, Hollis and Tava <======== stupid names) cut in front of us to get on the monorail. Grrr.

After the zoo we treated ourselves to a walk in the West Village, cocktails at the Duplex, and dinner at Tartine, a fabulous and tiny French bistro where you are allowed to bring your own wine since they don't have a liquor license.

All in all, a highly satisfactory day.

Tomorrow we will hit Ikea.


jin said...

MMMM....Thank you for the dessert pic!!!
All the pics were really nice!
Hmm...dessert looks like, pastry cream on the bottom...maybe a choc. ganache next, then a layer of meringue(?) topped with toasted sliced almonds & powdered sugar. Maybe more meringue in the middle...French, you said...that means not meringue that means "Dacquiose".
OMG! You only got 1 piece for the two of you? What willpower!!!

Coaster Punchman said...

Mais oui, c'est une Daquoise! Comment from George: "Jin sure knows her shit!"

bossyrossi said...

Coaster - btw, my work group took your suggestion for a boat trip and ended up renting a yacht-like boat (Calypso, as seen on the Apprentice) for dinner, wine, and floating in front of the Statue of Liberty. It was amazing, and a billion times better thannMedieval Times. Thanks for saving us!!