Monday, May 29, 2006

RBOWIFLPI: The Official Site of Grant Miller

CPW has been receiving angry letters from readers upset by my recent inconsistencies in posting a Random Blog of the Week (RBOTW). Since it has been over a month since the last RBOTW posting, and certain readers are apparently upset about it, I am changing the name of this program to RBOWIFLPI (Random Blog of Whenever I Feel Like Posting It.)

This way you see, I will no longer be held hostage to your oppressive schedule. For cripe's sake people, don't you know I have a JOB?

Anyway. On to my new RBOWIFLPI: The Official Site of Grant Miller. I stumbled across Mr. Miller, Esq., because we are both friends of and semi-regular commentators on The Company Bitch.

Miller is a stay-at-home dad and is bitter about the journalistic success of his friend, Markos Moulitsas, as described in his March archives. Mr. Miller acknowledges that he is just too lazy to be as driven as Markos, which I both understand and respect. Nonetheless, Miller is clearly growing more desperate for attention and has even promised a free pony to the first 50,000 of his fans who link to him.

Miller has several recurring series that I appreciate, such as his "Meaningless Encounters with Celebrities" along with random stories he describes as the "Worst Things that Have Ever Happened to [Him]" (e.g. his cat catching a mouse - is he a girly man or what?)

But my favorite thing that has ever happened to Mr. Miller is that someone got the idea to start an Unofficial Site of Grant Miller blog that the author uses to taunt and mock Mr. Miller. For example, to counter Miller's "Meaningless Encounter" series, the Unofficial Site boasts its own "Meaningful Encounter with Celebrities" series, claiming that on the Unofficial Site, EVERY encounter with a person has meaning, unlike in the shallow world of Grant Miller.

For all we know, Miller could possibly himself be the second author, as if to play an "ignore that man behind the curtain" joke on us. If discovered, I will consider this an unforgivable offense against his loyal reader(s) which could make another Stephen Glass out of Miller. Then he'll REALLY have nothing to do but wipe snotty noses the rest of his career. (I'm just bitter that I'm not home doing the same.)

But I will hope for the best and assume that the Unofficial Site is bona fide.

Anyhow, enjoy Miller's blog. If he lifts the restraining order he put up on me for cyberstalking him, maybe I'll give him a permalink one of these days. Because we all know that, like Rachael Ray, Grant Miller would be friends with Mindy June & me if he weren't famous & all.

Grant Miller, Esq.


jin said...

Hmmm...will have to check out his blog. I have noticed his comments here & there but just never clicked!

jin said...

Me again! I hate when people come in your comments section just to plug their blog, don't you? *AHEM*
I just started another blog...*blush* heeheehee! Not much pastry, but, well, not sure where it will lead yet. Check it out if you get really, really bored sometime?

*jin sneaks off quietly...*

Grant Miller said...

Thanks for the write up! My computer is all crazy, but I will link to you Thursday or Friday. Thank you again!

jin said...

Ok, it looks like I'm your #1 fan or something, 3 comments! LOL
Question--It's either my pc or your template is gone? Maybe you changed it again? Just curious.

Coaster Punchman said...

You are correct, it's a disaster!! I have no idea why. I guess I'll have to redo the whole thing. Grrrr..