Sunday, June 04, 2006

Random Blog of Whenever I Feel Like Posting It: newsflow

I know that Grant Miller reigned as CP's RBOWIFLPI for less than a week, but you can now find him in my Perm-a-Link section at the right. Be sure to check in with him regularly.

Meanwhile, meet my latest cyberstalking subject: a law student in Trinidad named Jason.

I don't know what possesses me to cyberstalk some of these people. Jason's blog isn't designed to be particularly witty, entertaining or even informative. It appears to be merely a journal for his own life recordkeeping. Maybe that's why I find it fascinating enough to keep checking back. It's like reading someone's diary. Although, I must admit his blog is more entertaining than Ms. Boring Blogger's, and I keep reading that one, too.

Occasionally Jason posts entries making reference to some unnamed person having been a total bitch to him, but doesn't say who it is and doesn't explain what happened. Why do I need to read this? But for some reason, I do. I'm one sick fuck.

Having seen Jason through the end of his undergrad years in Barbados, and now through law school in Trinidad (I think he is graduating now) I am anxious to see where he'll end up. He has mentioned the possibility of moving to Canada or somewhere else. He currently lives with his parents, and seeing as how he hates his father, I suppose he'll want to move fairly soon.

I've been learning about Trinidad in his blog. Due to their extreme multiculturalism, they have about one celebration of some kind per week, and Jason usually describes what he gets to eat at each festival. As soon as you start talking food, you have me hooked. I loved learning about their Carnival tradition of "J'ouvert" where they paint their bodies with mud, frolic about and eat lots of tasty treats. Perhaps I should move to Trinidad.

He includes a picture of himself in many of his posts, sometimes in his boxer shorts so that he can show his progress (or more often his disappointment at the lack thereof) from his rarely sustained exercise programs.

Oh, and Jason likes going to clubs and drinking. I remember liking to do that sort of thing once upon a time. Funny thing is, I am rarely willing to pay for cocktails out anymore. It's so damn expensive. I don't know how these twentysomethings afford it. But anyway, Jason's favorite drink is vodka cranberry.

I also find it endearing how he always wishes himself a Merry Christmas or a Happy Birthday.

This is ridiculous. I need to get a fucking life. If Jason links back to this he'll probably take down his blog and notify the authorities.



jin said...

LMAO!!! More so at your summary, then his blog! Heeheehee!!!

OMG! You still read that tower blog?! Every day? Well, you know what they say, once a cyberstalker.....

Coaster Punchman said...

Sure thing, Mindy & I still read it - we have a theory that the blog is actually a series of secret communiques with her sibling in San Francisco, and that they are planning an overthrow of the US government. It's our patriotic duty to keep an eye on her and to try to decipher her code.

Melinda June said...

If you read her early posts she talks about art and movies that don't involve disasters, as well. Perhaps she's actually interesting and is a friend we've yet to meet! LOLOL! :-)

Beth said...

Three months later, I'm hooked on Jason. It's like our own personal "Days of Our Boring Lives."

Coaster Punchman said...

You must mean Martha (Ms. Boring blogger). Jason did as I prophesied and took down his blog from public viewing, probably because of me.

Mindy & I named the other, boring, blogger "Martha Dumptruck" after the character in "Heathers" - because we picture her looking like that.