Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sarah is mad at Angelina Jolie

My friend Sarah is a strange bird. Having attended both high school and college with her, and then having lived with her (roommate-lived, not index finger through the other thumb & index finger lived) for a few years after college, I know not to question her when she gets one of her strange ideas.

For example, she once got mad at her boyfriend because she thought it was time he propose marriage and he just wasn't getting around to it. So she purchased an "Outward Bound" trip for him and sent him off to the mountains for a week to think about his life. Then, when she went to pick him up at the airport, he got off the plane and immediately broke up with her.

She was pissed.

She called Outward Bound the next day, demanding to know what sick things they said to her boyfriend to make him behave like that. And then my favorite part - the OB counselor suggested that maybe she could benefit from the program herself. She replied with something to the effect of "take your m-f'ing program and shove it up your ass!!!!"


Anyway, Sarah is an independent business travel consultant, and she's been working for a while on a special program for travel to Namibia for one of her clients. When she found out Brangelina was moving there to give birth to her child, Sarah hit the roof.

"That bitch Angelina Jolie is ruining my life. Namibia was MY fucking idea, and now she's moving there and everyone's going to think I'm doing this program because of her. Fuck her. I hate that bitch."

Sarah is awesome.

This is not my friend Sarah with Angelina. But Sarah looks slightly like Ann Curry.

Confidential to Ann: get back behind that news desk, honey. You can hob nob all you want, but you're never moving to the couch.


Melinda June said...

I agree with Sarah. Namibia kicks ass and is a great place to go on a holiday, and now it will be overrun with hangers-on and wannabes. Pleh.

Melinda June said...

Oh. And what about Ann Curry reminds your of Sarah?

Fugitive Kitty said...

They just look kind of similar. Dark hair. Same shaped face. You ask too many questions.