Monday, January 08, 2007

But really, who's keeping score?

Number of holiday cards sent: 106

Number of thoughtful friends and relatives: 58

Number of self-absorbed ingrates: 48

Number of thoughtful parties we snubbed, probably for good reason: 4

(NB: Next year, those who send e-greetings will receive half credit)


Beth said...

So glad to see I'm not the only one who keeps holiday card scores. Mine are on Excel spreadsheets, going back to 2000. Yes, that's where I keep my addresses ... but I also keep a tally of who sent, too. I'm Beth. I am nerd.

Anonymous said...

I don't send cards any more. I'm a nerd!

Anonymous said...

I love getting and sending them but I send a lot fewer than you do!

I keep an informal tally on my categories:

most religious
ones on paper so cheap they won't even stand up.

wonderturtle said...

Since I became a self-absorbed ingrate, I've been planning on sending only Halloween and Valentine's Day cards. Because it's nicer to get mail when you're not expecting it. And believe me, by now no one is expecting it from me.

Bubs said...

I'm with Wonderturtle on this one. Especially that last line.

Anonymous said...

Hey-- I resent you calling me a self-absorbed ingrate. I believe the correct term it "lazy."

lulu said...

I'm ADD, I have a doctor's note. But I love you.

Grant Miller said...

You have an open invitation to party at The Official Grant Miller and family Compound. And the party never stops here. But it never really begins, either.

Tenacious S said...

Every year I have great intentions of sending cards. I probably have a stock pile of somewhere near 300 Christmas cards in the house ready to go. Alas, they remain in their original packaging, with me feeling guilty yet again. I used to send them, and then it stopped about nine years ago. I'm gonna blame it on Bink.

Tumuli said...

Send nothing -- or conveniently "forget" a birthday or other special occasion. Works likes a charm.

Anonymous said...

How about a mass e-mail stating happy holidays?

Coaster Punchman said...

Beth: Excel? Unfortunately I used it as well. It's the easiest way to keep track of all the slights I've suffered.

Old Lady: That's ok, you have lots of company.

Dale: I want a highly religious one next year. In fact, I may try to find Mormon cards I can send. Maybe ones with pinheaded white Jesus.

Wonderturtle: I look forward to my VD card. I'll email you my address.

Bubs: I stopped expecting anything from you long ago. Except for more great profile pics.

Johnny Yen: should we add "bastard" to that?

Lu: Hope you got my bday card. Hint hint.

Grant Miller: Can I bring Mama Gin? Then it will really start.

Shar: Can you sell me your stock of cards at half price? I mean, I will use them. Same with you, Lu.

Tumuli: last time I did that I got my ass kicked and now we're no longer friends. Sucks to be me sometimes.

Molecular Turtle: Unfortunately, that does count as e-greetings. Half credit. Maybe it should be only 1/4 credit if it's a mass email.