Friday, March 30, 2007

Teacher teacher

Lulu and Megan are both teachers, and both share a lot of stories about their jobs. Gets me to thinking about how much the world has changed - and hasn't changed - since I was in school.

Megan's story about handing out stickers (as in gold stars and that sort of thing) got me thinking about my sixth grade teacher, Ms. Pav. Ms. Pav was a weirdo artist type, so of course I absolutely adored her. She used to do things like take us down into this dark basement gym and perform interpretive dances for us. One time she got on the floor under a blanket and then wriggled out from under it, butt-first. I think she called that one "The Cocoon."

Anyway, Ms. Pav also had bizarre forms of punishment for us. For example, she kept all of our names on a rolodex on her desk. If she caught you chewing gum, she would affix a pink tab to your card. And if you got caught throwing something, your card got a black tab.

Once you accumulated three tabs of either color, you were required to bring in treats for the whole class. That was the punishment.

No wonder I still have a warped attachment to candy.

Occasionally I would decide my class was in need of treats, so I would purposely get caught chewing gum and/or throwing things. (Note to self: why didn't I ever try throwing gum? Could have been a two-for-one.) Then I would lie to my parents and say we had a birthday or something and that I needed treats to share with the class. Worked like a charm.

I'm really not sure what the psychology was behind all this. I think she was fucking with us. Good for her.

Next on tap: Lulu inspires CP's own "Parent-from- hell" story - and this one's about MY MOM!


Jake's Mom said...

Good story, and I like the touch of paranoia...she was just f---ing with us. How sad was her life.

Can hardly wait for the Mom saga. I'll match your one and raise you one later! We'll see who visited hell longer!! hahahaha

Dale said...

Parent from hell stories are where it's at. Can't wait. I wonder if Ms. Pavlov is still under that blanket eating candy today?

GrizzBabe said...

The Cocoon? Seriously. Ms. Pav was on drugs, right?

Dino aka Katy said...

mhh bringing treats as punishment where was that teacher when I was in school

The Freelance Cynic said...

How wkd was she! I need a teacher like that.

Old Lady said...

Must be the thin air up there.

Bubs said...

You know, for some reason you just reminded me of one of my hippie teachers from the early 70's, Ms. G, who never wore a bra.