Monday, June 02, 2008

The CP Top 40 - Part 5

These are Dale's ninja things. They used to be his avatar. Who came up with the word "avatar" anyway? It's pretty stupid.

Today we continue down CP's blog roll, which consists of more than 40 blogs although we are still referring to this feature as "The CP Top 40."

Passion of the Dale
I'm really glad Dale ended up top 'o the list today because he was one of the few who didn't complain when he moved down the blog roll when we went alphabetical. I offered to change his blog name to just "Dale" to give him a higher position but he declined my request. May have been a trademark issue but I suspect it was more his sense that living on my blog roll holds no prestige at all and was therefore not worth the trouble complaining about. Nevertheless, I'm certain almost everyone who reads this blog also reads POTD, so there isn't much I can tell you that you don't already know. He's hilarious, although every now and again he gets all serious which upsets me a fair amount. Check him out if you haven't already, but don't harass him please. Or if you do, don't tell him I sent you.

The Pop Eye
I kind of resent giving Beckeye an extra link since she's too damn popular already, and I'm the type who resents his friends' successes. Just kidding, I want my friends to be successful as long as they share. Beckeye is one of the few bloggers in my circle who has a consistent theme and doesn't just spout verbal diarrhea like the rest of us. She writes about Pop Culture (The Pop Eye, get it?) And she's pretty damn funny while doing it. In fact the few times I missed American Idol this year I just clicked over to her to see what was what. And her recaps were pretty reliable, save for the bizarre fascination with Michael Johns.

Princess Mombi's Friendatorium
Princess Mombi has a cute blog where, among other things, she waxes nostalgic about New Kids on the Block. She was also featured on Rachael Ray's show when they did a spot about her high school reunion. I realized I'm a heck of a lot older than her, too. But I like how she links to me as part of her "Merry Misfits" category. Touche!

Prone to Whimsy
A fine writer, Flannery discusses general subjects in such a way that keeps me clicking back often. She and her husband (see below) will soon be hosting BlogOhio Jamboree, so you should check her out and visit them if you are nearby. As with Dale, just don't tell them I sent you if you plan to behave poorly. Flan and I will also soon be meeting live and in person in NYC! So she'll be one more blogger who can tell you what a bore I am in person. (post script: Blog Ohio Jamboree has already happened; I wrote this post before the date.)

Rants Raves Life and Anything Else That Comes
Not to be confused with an 18th century street urchin, the Artful Dodger of this blog is a newcomer to the CPW family of stalkees. He just got married so there is quite a lot of pre-wedding anxiety blogging. He has a serious issue with putting cheese on hamburgers which makes me wonder if we could ever really be friends.

Social Zymurgy: The Culture of Beer
Thanks to Doc teaching me the word "zymurgy" I was able to finish a Friday Times crossword puzzle, which is quite an accomplishment. Doc is married to Flannery and is quite the fine storyteller - click on over if you haven't already. Occasionally he and Flannery work out their marital issues on their respective blogs, such as a recent point-counterpoint on the relative badness of five movies he's made her watch over the years. Might I note that neither one of them mentioned that Caligula is basically a porno? Money shots and everything. Unless those are illegal in Ohio or something.

Some Guy's Blog
Another blogger I've met in the flesh, Some Guy (aka Chris) provides biting political commentary and toilet humor almost once a day, or possibly about as often as the average human experiences a bowel movement. (Just hypothesizing here.) Chris is a real life friend of blogger legend Grant Miller, but has developed a more than loyal following of his own. I like him too for many reasons, especially for his willingness to help me torment the Mormons.

I, Splotchy
Splotchy is a noted blogger of diverse interests, interests so diverse that it takes several blogs just to address them all. Let it be noted that I did participate in his popular adopt an actor project and posted about my adoption. I had problems getting her to stay on my sidebar which is why poor Kim Walker is hidden in my archives. I only have so much patience for screwing around with computer settings before I give up and start drinking heavily. I think my problem had something to do with her photo being too big. If anyone can assist, please get in touch in the comments or on email.

A Sunny Thought
Kim's blog is a fun mixture of musings about her everyday life and other things. If you have a cold hard mind, check her out to help yourself warm your thoughts.

Tanya Espanya
Yet another blogger who knows I really exist in the flesh. Tanya is funny, and simply crushes our greater blogger circle with her unwavering love. She inhabits a particular place of honor at CPW, being one of the few bloggers who has actually met Mama Gin. Tanya Espanya is also good for a nice family drama every now and again, just to keep us sufficiently entertained.

Tune in soon for the conclusion (for now) of CP's Top 40!


Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks said...

The First Ohio Blogg Jamboree was... well, let's say "intimate"-- as in, most folken didn't show up!

Better luck with the NYC Blogg Jamboree when Flann comes o'er to meet up w/yew folken!!

BeckEye said...

All of these are lovely people. Except for me. I'm kind of weird looking.

And I'm not that popular. My hit count goes way down after American Idol goes off the air. Another reason for the post-Idol funk I'm in.

Some Guy said...

Thanks for the kind words, CP! I don't know about you, but I haven't heard a peep out of any Mormons for a while. They must be laying low, planning their next attack.

Jewgirl said...


Love that you're still doing these posts. Some bloggers I know and already love and others are new to me.

I missed your bloggy. It's nice to be catching up on all things CP.

When I'm in NY, we are hooking up so you can see that I'm really not a 90-year-old yenta :)

Grant Miller said...

You have good blog taste.

Dale said...

Top of the heap? Awesome. As you oughta know, I love your blog (rarely unnaturally) and just about everyone on your list. You're a gentleman and a scholar and maybe a drunkard.

Say hi to Flannery for me!

Artful Dodger said...

I'm giggly because I'm on someone's list. Feels like I just won an Oscar. BTW: I'm not against all cheese on burgers, just that cheap processed american junk they use at fast food places. Put some real cheddar or provolone or anything real and I'm eating it.

Flannery Alden said...

Let me say it here and later on my own blog: Coaster Punchman is not a bore. I just returned from meeting him and he, Becky and George charmed me completely.

Thanks for the kind words, CP, I hope you are ready for the favor to be returned...

Tanya Espanya said...

Am I disgusting for being so late to say thank you? I am delighted and thrilled to be in the list with all those worthy bloggies!