Monday, August 28, 2006

CP or Anonymous Hipster?

My friend Greg the Crack Whore found this picture of me on the Los Angeles AIDS Walk website.

Problem is, I have no recollection of this picture being taken. And I have not been to an AIDS Walk in Los Angeles since 1993. And I'm pretty sure I didn't own any cargo shorts in 1993.

Therefore, I'm thinking this picture may not be of me after all.

So I'll leave it up to you, my Gentle Readers. Is this CP, or an Anonymous Hipster?

Results revealed by you, in the comments section.

PS: Lest I be accused of plagiarizing yet again, please see The Official for the original Anonymous Hipster game...


jin said...

Anonymous UN-hipster.

I think you're taller.
Then again, I've never met you, opinion is probably WORTHLESS!


lulu said...

That guy's head looks disproportionately small and his hips look too large, although that might be the cargo pants.

Dale said...

There are a lot of hips in that photo so now I'm confused. I thought you were shorter but that might just be the tap dancing video.

lulu said...

CP is quite tall. The guy who looks like a mircocephalic, wide-wipped version of him is the one in the white cargo shorts and olive green tee-shirt.

Coaster Punchman said...

I don't know Lu, the guy in the pic is taller than most of the crowsd, which would be about right. Plus, I am fairly hippy myself. Nice and broad, good for bearing a love child.

lulu said...

But his head is oddly small.

Dale said...

I've reassessed.

Your hips are normal (but could bear a love child if you so wanted). You were you carrying your blog in the cargo pants. And by blog, I mean blog.

The poor fellow behind you has dropped his sign and the lady next to him is powerless to not march on it with her next step.

The girl to the left in blue is about to make devil horns and stick her tongue out.

The guy in red on the far left has a dilemma, cut out of line and head for Arby's or keep marching.

And how much did the water company pay you to hoist that water up in the air so victoriously?

So in short and not trying to be big headed, it's you. But I want to see the next few frames from the roll of film anyway.

Melinda June said...

I must say, from a distance it does look kind of like you. Except you wouldn't be in what appears to be the front of a huge crowd drawing attention to yourself like that, nor would you make that goofy pointing gesture. Unless you've got some secret attention-grabbing pointy lifestyle I don't know about.

Coaster Punchman said...

So now I know what my Gentle Readers really think of me. You see me as a reclusive and unhip non-pointer who is freakishly tall with a gigantic head and narrow to normal sized hips.

Except that Dale thinks I'm short.

Love you too, mean it.

Dale said...

You're tiny and have hips wider than the biggest cargo shorts and that's okay.

Jacob's Mom said...

Tis not you my bro'. I knowest of what I speakest.