Saturday, September 23, 2006

Notice! October 1st, Online Pageant!

This is not anyone I know. It is an anonymous hipster.

Gentle Readers,
Our friend
Beth has announced the first annual Little Miss Sunshine Online Pageant!

Competing in The Little Miss Sunshine Online Pageant is easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Visit this post in Beth's blog and let her know you'll participate by leaving a comment.

2. Find an old school picture of yourself. The geekier the better.

3. Post your picture on your blog on the morning of Sunday, October 1.

4. Visit Beth's blog again, where she will provide a list of contestants with links to their photos.

This way, you see, we will be able to crown our very own Little Miss Sunshine!
Remember, this is a very important online beauty contest. We hope to see you there.



jin said...

WHEW! I'M SO GLAD you put that caption under the photo...for a minute there I thought that might have been you with a very dodgey hippy haircut...I was going to say, "You WIN! You WIN!!!"

*jin snickers*

I will look for a photo although I am not sure there are any of me in existence anymore. When I was a kid I was such an ugly duckling!!! *GASP* When I turned 19 & became more swan-like I destroyed ALL the pictures of me that I could see, I started dating & was scared to death my parents would use them against me to scare off potential mean dates.

P.S. Thank you for leaving that nice comment over at Pajama Market!!! :-D

P.P.S. I got one of my FAVE pastry catalogs yesterday in the full page of 'Pate de Fruit'...different flavours, pictures of it dipped in chocolate...made me wonder if you ever found your store again?

pg said...

The store was a fig meant for his imagination. The chocolate covered jelly graham, just a fabrication of his delusionary state. I will administer his medicine shortly and open the padlock slowly, very slowly...

lulu said...

Having been born swan-like, I am nut sure that their are any geeky pictures in existance. I will do what I can.

Coaster Punchman said...

Jin, I'm sure your mom probably stashed away a childhood pic somewhere.....And no, I did NOT find the store yet. But I will search on! Tonight! We Ride!

PG is evil. I will ignore his comments.

Lu, it is so difficult being this beautiful. Honey, I understand.

Beth said...

I am way too excited about next Sunday.

Old Lady said...

Me too, it provided me with the incentive to set up the 3 in 1 printer my father gave me a couple of years ago. Then I cleaned the insides of my computer. Now I can post pictures that go with my posts!

Dale said...

The excitment is causing you, me and Beth to link to each other every 5 minutes. But that's okay. I think I've got a suitably grotesque photo ready to roll.

jin said...

Ok...I spent 30 minutes looking through an old shoe box tonight & all I found were 2 pics of me.
1 @ 7 months old & one @ 8th grade graduation.
(I did however find many many many 4th grade pics of my 9 cousins & I have decided that my geekiness pales in comparison! Hahaha!!!)
I'll try again tomorrow...maybe my Mom does have a few 'stashed' in her jewelry drawer...while she's in there I may have to implement a guilt building session & see if I can make off with a few diamonds.
*evil grin*

Coaster Punchman said...

Beth, Old Lady, Dale & Jin: I'm excited too, although I went to search for the photo I want and don't have a copy with me. I'll have to rely on the kindness of my sister or dad to email or snail mail it to me in time. I have a few runners-up, but nothing is as good as the hideous third grade one I want to post. I'm kind of cute in most of the others, unfortunately. Although I've got a great bowl haircut in 6th grade - maybe that will suffice.