Sunday, September 24, 2006

Saturday schedule (sloth version)

Arose: 11:30 am (but only because we went to bed at 5:30 am)

Read: New York Magazine; many blogs; email (non-work)

Watched: Mean Girls; The Parent Trap; Sybil (part two only); some low budget HGTV style show about organizing your apartment; Ride with the Devil; Exorcist: The Beginning; a really disturbing re-enactment of the torture of Guantanamo prisoners; NYC-TV (various restaurant review shows; review of South by Southwest (alternative music festival in Austin, TX); Body Electric); Rent

Consumed: A lot of coffee; whole wheat toast with lingonberry preserves; huevos rancheros; an apple; an orange; Trader Joe’s chocolate covered blueberries (both milk & dark); licorice; potage of potato, leek & kohlrabi; tuna noodle hot dish topped with melted swiss & potato chips; milk & Chips Ahoy

Wore: a t-shirt & shorts, but only due to need to walk to store for potato chips and half&half

Miscellaneous activities: looked for school photo for online pageant but didn’t find; made mental note to speak with sister who may have a copy; logged onto employer’s network to learn about new databases I’ll need next week, obtaining new cyberstalking ideas in the process; scratched itches on boyfriend’s dry feet; informed George that Lindsay Lohan is now a whore; decided to backup files from wounded computer, but soon abandoned in favor of more tv viewing; wondered how old Jesse Martin is; noted that the boyfriend from Lisa Picard is Famous was very ugly in that movie but not quite as bad in Rent; Sudoku

Bathed: not applicable

So much for our hip New York lifestyle.


Dale said...

Whatever kept you up til 5:30 a.m. may have been hip and New Yorky but I'm not asking.

Yesterday was a day of dizzying excitement for me too. It involved steam cleaning carpets, clothes shopping, eating chips and ice cream and several episodes of Flip That House.


lulu said...

My Sunday is starting out in a similar fashion. I have checked blogs and email,and talked to my friend on the phone, deciding against meeting her for shopping as that would entail getting dressed and I am not sure I want to make that kind of commitment before noon.

I made cinnamon french toast and a pot of tea.

If I am very very productive, I might walk to starbucks later.

Melinda June said...

Rats. I wish I'd been there for any of you lovely days.

I, on the other hand, spent Saturday at school. Alarm went off at 9 because I skipped my first lecture, and the rest of the day was spent counting the hours untiol 630 came when I could go home, sit on the sofa, and order chinese food.

Coaster Punchman said...

George was actually out partying on Friday, Dale. He said he'd be home "early" which caused me to start worrying at about 1:00. I then sat up and waited until he got home (at about 5:00) because he wasn't answering his cell phone.

Lu, make me some cinnamon toast while you're at it. NOW! (Inside joke, everyone...)

MJ, I knew you would be jealous. Sorry. Unfortunately, I don't know how much time you'll have for TV when you're running Europe.

Beth said...

Very similar to my Sunday. Potato chips and sour cream ... catching up on Project Runway ... redneck tomato + mozzarella salad ... scanning my first thru fifth grade photos ... mimosas ... reading (yet not replying to) e-mails ... Breyers vanilla with Heath Bar Magic Shell ... still considering clothes, at 3:56 p.m.

Isn't the single life grand?

Coaster Punchman said...

Or married life if your spouse isn't annoyingly ambitious! Although I'm actually more slothful now that I'm married since I'm not out looking for a husband. Hmmm.

Coaster Punchman said...

Plus, I think the issue is more "isn't CHILDLESS life grand?"

Old Lady said...

You make George stay out all night! He no get sleep. This bad for George. Why you not make George stay home.

jin said...

LOL...I agree with the 'childless life' being grand. D is very happy to lay in bed all day Sunday only to arise for breakfast around 4PM.
Unfortunately, I have to get dressed if I want to go online as my pc is at the shoppe.

I loved your entire day except for one thing & I think you know what I'm going to say.
I got very queasy at the mention of chips ahoy. FOR SHAME CP!!!

Coaster Punchman said...

Old Lady, you must have been reading my prior Mama Gin posts - that is one of her classic lines! "You tell Georgie come home early!"

Sorry about the Chips Ahoy, Jin. Blame George. I would never buy those. But will you allow us Pepperidge Farm?

Tumuli said...

Sounds like an NYC hipster to me, unwinding after a long night of decadence and unfathomable coolness. :)

Unfortunately, my lounging is relegated to Friday and Saturday. Now, Sundays nauseate me.

lulu said...

As I was taking the cinnamon bread out of the bag I was thinking that very thought. And then I thought about ripping up a pillowcase and yelling "Boil water! She's having a baby!" But that would have required too much energy, and ruined a pillow case.

I actually got dressed and went to Target, where I spent $170.00 or crap. Being in target for so long with no food brought on a huge headache and I spent the rest of the day in bed cowering in the dark. The headache had receeded and now I am reading blogs and eating sauteed apples and granola.

Dale said...

5 a.m. is early! So he was just preparing you. You should have watched a movie with Mama Gin.

Coaster Punchman said...

Tumuli, HBO has saved me from that miserable Sunday feeling, at least it will again once "Big Love" starts another season.

Lu, you should know better than to spend any amount of time in a Target. When you go in there you have to put on tunnel vision and go right to the specific thing you need and then get the hell out. Otherwise Target sucks you into a black hole with all its shiny objects.

Dale, unfortunately loopholes don't work with Mama Gin. But keep trying.

Anonymous said...

wow nice relaxing day. Can I get the reciepe for potato, leek & kohlrabi. I love kohlrabi but it is so hard to find down here. Its one of those veggies I would eat non stop in Germany and can't find here. Most americans don't even know what it is.

My Saturday was busy. Maybe I'll use your format for my blog about the weekend.

I was just thinking when Big Love was starting again. Very funny show, I hope its not to close to the truth.

Coaster Punchman said...

Katy, vegetable potage is the easiest thing in the world. Cut up some leek or scallion and sautee in a pot. Add a potato and whatever veggie you prefer (e.g. kohlrabi.) Add a few cups of broth. When veggies have softened blend the whole concoction (I use a hand-held blender right in the pot.) Mix in a little milk or cream & voila. Enjoy!

Yes, I'm a fan of kohlrabi (thanks to George) and of most veggies actually. I especially love the rooty veggies like turnips.

poor george said...

Dear CP readers, just want you guys to know that prior to hitching up with the PG, the CP abhorred even the thought of Tuna Casserole. But since he's had my concoction of this classic, reminder I am NOT a midWesterner, he LOVES it. Yay Tuna Casserole.

lulu said...

I adore tuna nuoodle cassarole. If you guys come to Chicago I'll make you some. and a big jello salad.