Friday, September 08, 2006

A Cyberstalking Mishap

The quality of my cyberstalking skills may be on the decline. One of my victims from earlier this year appears to have caught on to my hijnks, and has now shut down his blog to outsiders. No more gaping at his life from afar. Damn. Must have caught me spying.

Oh well, at least we still have
Martha Dumptruck.


Old Lady said...

'Splain to me, a newbie, what exactly is cyberstalking? I read blogs like I shop, and store detectives follow me around. I jump around, use other blogs blog rolls, inadvertently keep pages up for hours, re-read, blah, blah, blah. I have read blogs of people who have super-duper site meters that can see what kind of underwear a person is wearing and they seem to bitch the most about people reading their blogs alot more than what they consider normal. I think I need to know what the rules are.

Coaster Punchman said...

Ah, excellent question. For details on the philosphies and mechanics of cyberstalking, see one of my prior posts on the topic. Note that I have resumed using the term "cyberstalker" despite the risk to my reputation.

As for people who bitch about hits on their site meters, they are liars. They check their site meters because they are flattered and interested in seeing where the hits come from. Look at it this way - most of us who blog like having a readership. If the result of having a site meter is having less people visit you for fear of being reverse-cyberstalked via the site meter, then the site meter isn't such a good thing, is it?

So my policy is, don't worry about the site meter. If you like what you are looking at, stay there all day.

As for Jason (my law student friend in Trinidad) I suspect he may have shut us out of his blog because it was something he intended for his eyes only.

Or maybe he fears me. A possibility that I take pride in.

Old Lady said...

Hahahaha! Okay, I viewed the link. I understand now! I think the word cyberharass should be changed to cyberass.

jin said...

I've never seen anyone do that to their blog before.
I think you should consider it an EXTREME compliment to your cyberstalking skills!

Dale said...

We would all do well to fear you a little CP. At least that's what I (cyber)detect.

Molecular Turtle said...

We all fear a man that can tap dance. Especially on the jugular ;)

Tumuli said...

I've considered doing that before, but only because I feared being read by a REAL stalker who previously had entirely too much access to my life. Actually, I have no idea who would want to follow me through the Web, but it is enjoyable reading other blogs.