Saturday, October 14, 2006

Martha Dumptruck, RIP

Because our blogging friend Pink Fluffy Slippers has put my cyberstalking skills to shame by discovering the identity of Martha Dumptruck, I have decided to delete all my posts about the latter.

Seeing as how Martha is a real person who plays around on the Internets a bit, it could only be a matter of time before she tracks me down and wishes me ill. And, seeing as how she's involved in the paranormal along with her obsession with disaster movies and celebrity deaths, she might best be left alone.

Not to mention that I do in some ways aspire to act like a nice person.

But I encourage those of you who wish to develop your own Martha Dumptruck obsession to visit her by way of Mindy June, who is not troubled by minor things like morals or a conscience.

It's been fun, Martha. Thanks for the laughs.



Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I feel about spoiling your joyful mockery of "Martha".

jin said...

WOAH! I totally missed something here! I KNEW I should have checked this morning...oh, wait...I wasn't awake this morning...ummm...I'm ALWAYS the LAST to know!!!
*jin pouts*

lulu said...

What did I miss????????

Coaster Punchman said...

Slippers, I'm still in awe of your mad skillz.

Jin, you remember Martha! She is how we became friends. Remember how you figured out she was female way back when?

Lu, just visit the Mindy June link I provided and you'll be reminded.

Essentially, our new friend Pink Fluffy Slippers did some basic Googling of her blog's address and in no time uncovered the true identity of the blogger known to me only as Martha Dumptruck (named after the character in Heathers. ) Once I saw how much she sails around the Internets, I decided not to make fun of her anymore because I don't want her to find me and unleash her terror.


lulu said...

I know about Martha D. I was just wondering why you were suddenly scurrying underground. Thanks for explaining.

Melinda June said...

Unlike you, I do not ridcule Martha. NAY! I WORSHIP Martha. She will love me for my admiration, and may even try to sell me a spare copy of Resident Evil 10 on ebay.

Beth said...

Thank God for Melinda June.

jin said...

Yes, yes...I remember her, I'm just so surprised you removed your entire post!!!
...and I must *bow* to this pinkflufflyslippers person... that is an AMAZING power she (? I assume it's a she if she posseses so much intelligence ;-) lays claim to.

Off topic, but: some ancient cultures purport if you cannibalize a person you also absorb their knowledge & abilities.

*jins eyes spakle evilly*

Coaster Punchman said...

Lu, I like the visual of me scurrying underground. I always did identify with squirrels and other rodents on some level.

MJ, you are sick. You are a deviant. OMG you are so fucking tripping.

Beth, I agree.

Jin, you're starting to scare us.

Melinda June said...

FYI, Martha has enabled comments. The site meter has no hits from Kansas, but I think she knows about us anyway.