Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Real-time drinking with the CP

Hi all you awesomely lovely online pals,

I, CP, have a theory that your true spirit comes out when you are drinking. My brother gets mean when he drinks, meaning he is a bastard. My mom turns into a total uncontrollable mess. 'Nuff said. I, on the other hand, turn into a gelatinous ball of love when I'm on the bottle. Real life friends of the CP can surely attest to this.

One time when I was on the phone with Mindy during a night of partying, I heard her utter the words "Hey KC! Pick up the extension! Tom's on the phone, drunk and gushing sentiment!"

You see, Gentle Readers, when you get right down to it I'm just a loveable guy.

Ok, so to set the scene, I was running around the greater NY metro area all day today, and when I got home I was required to make myself dinner because George bought fresh fish yesterday - meaning I had to cook lest the fish go bad. (George is at a music rehearsal right now, leaving me to fend for myself.)

One of my best friends, Sarah, was a good friend of Julia Child, because Sarah's mom, Sue, was in the "industry" with her. (Sue helped found the Food Network.) Anyway, both Julia and Sue have strict rules about cooking: the cook is entitled, if not required, to have a glass of wine or a cocktail at hand at all times. Who am I to buck the system?

So tonight the kitchen of the CP features pecan crusted filet of turbot, braised cabbage with prosciutto and a Mediterranean salad of cooked escaraole. Oh, and three appletinis.

I KICK ASS!!!!!!!

Then, since I had no one to eat with, I set my computer to play, on shuffle, the "40 at40" collections of both me and Mindy June. (Sharon & Lulu, I would've included yours too but they are not on this particular computer.)

So I'm completely engulfed in the entangled music of Mindy June & me right now, tipsy (ok, drunk) on appletinis, eating George's reicipes (he taught me everything I know) and reading all your blogs.

I am SO in love with all of you right now. Enjoy it before I come down.

Love & stuff,


wonderturtle said...

Sounds like a near-perfect evening.

jin said...

Sounds magnificent!

I used to get really happy/smiley (Ok, sometimes REALLY giggly :-S) when I drank.
I like your thory, actually. It could explain a LOT about all the MEAN drunks I've known!

lulu said...

Love you too sweetie. I get gushy and lovey, and then I fall asleep.

Dale said...

Love is all around...

Bubs said...

YEAH BABY! Good for you! It sounds like a wonderful dinner, wonderful music and wonderful drinking. You have a lovely night and sleep well!

I myself am drinking and baking an apple cranberry crips at the moment.

here's to drinking and cooking! and drinking and blogging too!

Bubs said...

i meant "crisp" not "crips"

I am not baking an apple cranberry L.A. gang member.

Beth said...

I get lovey and giggly, with just a dash o' slutty.

I like drunk Tom ... and now I'm hungry.

Anonymous said...

My hubby loves it when I get my hands on a Bloody Mary... wink wink.

Grant Miller said...

I am so in love with all of you right now, also, Coaster Punchman.

Anonymous said...

I become SUPER SLUT! ta dah!

Love you too, babe!

Creepy said...

Drunken love is better than drunken sex. At least REALLY drunken sex.

Molecular Turtle said...

I second the ass kicking motion. I also thinking the cooking rule is a good one, looks like I'll be cooking more often. I also agree that someones true nature comes out when drunk, I tend to become either very talkative or extremely quite. I guess I have a duel personality :)

Tumuli said...

Right back at you -- though I would have preferred to hear a slurred "I love you" in person as I devoured your gourmet deal. :)

Tenacious S said...

Love you, CP! I'm a happy drunk, too. Makes me want to drink right now!

Coaster Punchman said...

Thanks all for tolerating and even enjoying my... not even sure what to call it, but as I told Tumuli, I'm just three cocktails away from doing it again, at least until I build my tolerance back up!

PG said...

I love you too CP, but I'm not drunk right now, so what should I do??
FYI gentle readers of the CP, the braised cabbage was made by me a day earlier so that the CP could heat it up. I may have taught him everything he knows, but the CP has a ways to go yet in the kitchen.

jin said...

LOL pg!!!

CP! You took credit for making the cabbage!??!
That's like D, taking credit for making a wedding cake!

Coaster Punchman said...

I never said I cooked it the first time, but the fact is that I prepared it as part of my dinner. And actually, I did help George cook it the first time. He set it on the stove to cook and I watched it & did all the stirring and prevented it from burning as he became engulfed in a TV program.

I did, however, prepare the fish all by myself, and was promptly chastised by Poor George for using too many pecans. Damned if you do, damned if you don't around here. But that's ok, because I relate and respond to that.