Thursday, April 12, 2007

CP's top 38 - part 2

Welcome back, Gentle Readers, to the continuation of CP's Tribute to his Top 38 Stalkees. Our last installment featured the brilliant commentary of American Idolatry, the beautiful Bella Rossa, Chicagoland greats The Bubses, Megan from By & By, Pink Fluffy Slippers' wondrous world of Cello Et Cetera, the lovable Creepy from the Church of Lost Souls, the musically inclined Beth from A Cup of Coffey, CPW newcomer Dead Spot on the Web, Old Lady's excellent and Eclectic Tales, and the UK's favorite blog-traffic whore, the Freelance Cynic.

Today we continue down CP's alphabetical list. Remember to check back regularly, as your turn will soon be here.


Grant Miller Media
: The latest true competition to the API, Grant Miller Media features all the latest - and compelling - news about the world, at least the parts of it that relate directly to Grant Miller. Currently on a successful series run focusing on those who have lied to him in the past. Beware: rumor has it that Grant Miller knows how to hold a grudge if crossed.

GrizzBabe's Den: Grizzbabe focuses primarily on the politics in her small office, where a sense of pending doom generally prevails. She occasionally veers off to other topics, leaving me hungry to find out what is currently going on in the office. I'm still waiting to see what that brown stuff was that the New Girl left on the toilet.

Here Comes Johnny Yen Again: An apt title for his blog, at least in the sense that Lulu knows him, since he was someone she knew in a former life who reappeared by chance in our blog circle. A good writer, always providing an interesting story or point of view. I'm still reeling from the one about the guy who lost his eye in a bar fight.

In Her Shell (The Wonderturtle): One of these days I'm going to have to publish an anthology of my top 100 list of favorite blog posts, and when I do, Wonderturtle's writing will be featured more than once. She came as a real-life recommendation from Lulu. When I clicked over from Land-o-Lulu and read her open letter announcing her official retirement as a bridesmaid, I knew I was destined to be hers forever.

It's a Pug's Life: Marni, author of this blog, is a cousin of Beth over at A Cup of Coffey. She blogs about the everyday and not-so-everyday things that she finds interesting or pertinent, such as her kids, her pug dogs, and of course, American Idol. (Marni is also one of our esteemed panelists over at American Idolatry.) Another good ole' 40-something American gal, just like we like 'em.

Jacob's Mom: My sister Marg, mother of our dearly deceased (murdered) Jacob, writes about various topics ranging from outrage at the war in Iraq that killed her son to the latest Maxine cartoons. Also a regular panelist on American Idolatry. She also shares plenty of stories about our rather interesting family. Not always for the feint of heart.

Jintrinsique: Jin stumbled across CPW over a year ago, and when I clicked over to see who she was, her gratuitous pastry shots had me hooked within seconds. Jin is a pastry chef who lives in rural Wisconsin with her Brit ex-pat husband, her dog Brioche and her parents. She's a real hoot to read, especially when she gets to ripping on some of her more obnoxious customers. I've sampled her pastries in person twice, and I highly recommend ordering a sweet box of your own - there is a link to her shoppe's site on her blog.

Jintrinsique Unplugged: Jin's second site with less pastry and more swearing. A lot more.

Katie Schwartz: I found Katie through Dale - I first clicked on her because she has the same name of this nice Catholic girl who used to live down the street from me. But within one paragraph, I was pretty sure she was not the same Katie I knew from childhood; while this Katie may be nice, she is far from Catholic. I stopped by Katie periodically until one day I stumbled upon her series of open letters to Lisa Whelchel from The Facts of Life. Katie became mine forever that day, and now I cannot look away.

Lame Stuff: Bluez, author of this blog, is plenty snarky - which is just how we like our bloggers. She has become a pal of my sister, and also participates in our Idolatry ranting. Although she refers to her blog as Lame, we at CPW find it to be anything but.


Tanya Espanya said...

Are you back from London? I want to hear all about it, so I can compare it to what Dale said. ;)

wonderturtle said...

Aw shucks.

lulu said...

I am assuaging my pain at not even making it into your first 20 blogs with the fact that I am mentioned twice in this post (three times if you count my blog title)

Writeprocrastinator said...

Katie is the bestest! BTW, welcome back and does Ava remember you?

Jake's Mom said...

But I am his sister and I was demoted. I should have just let you sit in your poopy diaper.
Itells it likes I seez it.

jin said...

I <3 my descriptions.
Thanks CP!!!

Dale said...

I like the way if you spell Sanjaya in sign language, it looks all fisty and stuff.

Grant Miller said...

You are the wind beneath my wings, Coaster Punchman.

Coaster Punchman said...

Tanya, why wait? Just tell me now what Dale said so that I can begin to defend myself.

WT, :)

Lu, I do feel your pain. Trying to get a workaround.

WP, yes, both cats were all over me the second I walked in the door. Unconditional love is the best. Not that cats give that.

Marg, see above comment to Lu.

Jin, you're welcome. I'll put up a button soon.

Dale, don't give Sangaya any ideas there.

Funny Grant, because I was going to tell you you're my hero.