Monday, April 02, 2007

CPW has gone alphabetical

Gentle Readers,
I have finally sorted out my link list and added my newest stalkees. I also set aside my previous ordering criteria wherein your place on the list reflected a mixture of the following:

  • whether or not I know you in real life;
  • whether I know you through someone I know in real life;
  • if know you, how long I've know you;
  • if I know you only in blog life, how long I've been stalking you;
  • and how lazy I was on the day I decided to stalk you.

As of today, we'll have no more of this sliding scale business as our linking standard at CPW, Gentle Readers. No no, that is just too much to manage, as big a fan as I am of arbitrary discipline. From now on, CPW will present itself as an egalitarian webspace; today we are going alphabetical in our linking system.

I realize this is a controversial move, especially to those stalkees who previously topped the list by virtue of the important positions they occupy in the joke I refer to as "my life." So I'm throwing y'all a bone. To honor each and every one of you, my beloved stalkees, I am issuing the following salutes to you, ten bloggers at a time.

Today we start with stalkee numbers 1-10. Keep checking back with regularity to read the rest of my future-award-winning tributes.


American Idolatry: Delightfully biting commentary on no one's favorite pastime, American Idol. Founded by the Lovely & Talented Melinda June and Yours Truly, and this season joined by legions of pre-qualified blogger friends. Not for the feint of heart.

Bella Rossa: Days in the life of an inspired Hoosier transplant in Chicago. This gal has more creative side projects going than God himself, and she often reminds me it might be a good idea to get off the couch.

The Bubses: Liberal suburban Chicago cop and his wife, Miz Bubs, originally stumbled upon by Mindy. Their Sprawling Ramshackle Compound provides almost daily tales and tidbits of freaks and other oddities from the news and their own lives. The Bubses have also become real life friends of some of our other Chicagoland blogging friends.

By & By: Megan is a liberal schoolteacher living in Virginia. I first started reading her because I thought she was a real life friend of Lulu, but even after I found out they were strangers to one another, I stuck around because her writing is humorous and compelling. And now she and Lulu are indeed real life friends.

Cello Et Cetera: Although her writing is often serious, Pink Fluffy Slippers has a kind of dry wit that just kills me on a regular basis. I picture her as one of those people who don't even intend to be funny but just are naturally. And the childhood photo she posted as part of our Little Miss Sunshine Online Pageant cracked me up so much that I kept checking back daily for a while just to have another giggle. I was afraid she'd think I was a truly crazy stalker instead of just a cyberstalker, but she kept my link up so it must be OK.

Church of Lost Souls: I first clicked over from Dale because the name inspired me. I stuck around because he is one of the most unusual bloggers I read. His posts amble from topic to topic, from his Jehovah's Witness co-worker to his family to his sex life to his psychotherapy to his straight-guy indignation at the ridiculousness of homophobia. He's worth a read if you haven't been there, and I bet he's not as anti-social as he presents himself to be.

A Cup of Coffey: Beth is a popular blogger with many online friends. The primary focus of her blog tends to be her obsession with REM, although she branches to other bands and many other topics as well. Her perfection with all things grammatical makes me ashamed at my inevitably frequent errors. I like to think I'm generally OK with most of the rules, but whenever I'm in doubt I am just too damn lazy to get up and check a reference book. If I even own one, that is.

Dead Spot on the Web: A relative newcomer to CPW, Dead Spot is a member of the Johnny Yen Mafia. His posts are eclectic, often irreverent and always entertaining. Mindy will be glad to know he enjoys poking fun at the Brits and Republicans.

Eclectic Tales: Old Lady enjoys a loyal following of readers who enjoy her interesting stories from her past. Making her home in Savannah, Georgia, Old Lady possesses a deep repository of true stories about ghosts that she doles out in guarded moderation. Always a good time to be had at Old Lady's place.

Freelance Cynic: Another newcomer to CPW. A Brit we can poke fun of and who, from all appearances, can take it like a man. He's also a self-professed whore for blog traffic, so I'm sure he'll appreciate your visit. Time will tell if he's any other kind of whore as well, but we at CPW have our suspicions.


Remember to check back soon for my next ten!


lulu said...

I've been putting up with your whiney ass for years for nothing?!?!

Tanya Espanya said...

WTF? You go on vacation, you're jet lagged and crusty-eyed, yet you're blogging with an intensity and determination that I can only hope to copy. Well done, darling! (now bring me back some clotted cream!)

jin said...

I was going to leave an off-colour comment but I'll restrain myself until after you post about my links.

"jew" "girl" said...

i love that you're doing this, bitch, and i am so jealous that i didn't fucking think of it.

the reviews are fabulous and the few blogs i didn't know about, i am definitely going to check out.


Dale said...

Now I want to know what the old order looked like on your blog list so I can do my own rating system comparison between the old and the new. Always a day late.

Creepy said...

Exactly, Dale! Let me know if you find it.

And I'm even antisocial as I present myself to be.

Melinda June said...

Well done with the "u" in "colour", Jin. Nice to see someone spelling properly.

I demand my own category so I come first. I am completely not okay with this demotion, bitch. And after I've been entertaining you in the most expensive place on earth and everything! I am SO putting spiders in your bed.

jin said...

*jin bows*
I try!

OH! If you put spiders in his bed will you be posting a youtube of the experience?!

Dino aka Katy said...

okay let me get this straight you are on another continent on vacation and you rearrange your blog???? WTH your supposed to be out there and take pictures and videos of all the goofy things the brits do!!!!

Beth said...

Oh, Gawd. I'm a nerd. A grammar nerd. I was hoping for saucy and hyper-sexed Southern doll baby, a real heartbreaker with a heart of gold.


But hyphenate those real-life usages when used as a compound modifier ...

Beth said...

And I can't WAIT for my post-UK MTM birthday wishes!!!!

deadspot said...

"often irreverent"? I must have missed one. I'll rectify this oversight as soon as possible.

Bubs said...

I think this alphabetical thing is perfect.



The Freelance Cynic said...

Alright top ten baby! Thank god for being an F!
Where is this link list anyway? I wish to survey it's beauty!

Coaster Punchman said...

Freelance, I should answer your question first. Often, if you use Internet Explorer or some crappy browser, the link list moves itself to the bottom of the screen. Who knows why. But if you use Firefox (as you should be) you won't have that problem.

Now, on to the rest of my stalkee comments:

Lu: Short answer, yes. And where the heck is Megan? Tell her to get back over here because she's now in several of my recent posts, with one more coming soon (the parent from hell story.)

Tanya, that sounds good except would the clotted cream spoil on the plane? Or would it just clot more?

Jin, no need to indulge Mindy with the nasty spelling habits, really. But I do like the chocolate idea - I'll let you know when the diarrhea clears up.

Katie, are you by chance buttering me up for a good review? If so, GOOD MOVE, KEEP IT UP BABY! And if you thought this was a good idea, you have no idea how sad I feel at not having thought up the LeePee move first!

Dale, you used to be just a few under Grant Miller because that's where I found you. I believe you've had a demotion as well. You and Min will just have to gang up on me, as it you haven't already.

Creepy, you were probably one or two below Dale because that's where I found you. You got a promotion.

You've been entertaining ME, bitch? Have YOU been walking my ass all over London? I don't think so, or I wouldn't have these toe-sized blisters.

Katy, the sad fact is my new job has kept me from doing much blogging at all, so the vaca is a chance to get caught up, on days when I don't feel like walking my ass all over London. As for pics, both Min and I have broken our digicams, so you may be out of luck.

Beth, can't wait to MTM you. Thanks for the real-life advice. You are always welcome to correct my posting grammar, by the way.

You're correct, Deadspot. I should have said always a smart-ass. (Beth, is that hypen correctly placed?)

You're right, Bubs, and not to make everyone else jealous, but if I used your actual blog name you'd be demoted. But I like calling you guys "The Bubses" so aren't you lucky?

Anonymous said...

Well crap, I'm 20th. I hate being under pressure. Please email me and let me know what date you'll comment on my blog so I can drink a glass of wine and take an Valium first. And remember, my blog is called LAME stuff so keep that in mind.

I'm gonna go snort some of Keith Richards dead fathers ashes now....

Bella Rossa said...

Days in the life of an inspired Hoosier transplant in Chicago. This gal has more creative side projects going than God himself, and she often reminds me it might be a good idea to get off the couch.

Awwww!!!!!! That's so sweet.

Dale said...

Even if he'd use 'Melinda June', you'd move up a little in the standings. He's really asking for it Mindy.

If only I'd called myself A.B.

Grant Miller said...

You're going to get a lot of google hits with the phrase "arbitrary discipline." It sounds hot.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Damn, I wish I was at work right now, so that they could see the smug look on my face!

Oh, yes, I'm just a little bit better than you. I've been linked by Coaster Punchman and you? You're now, worth just a little less than something he scrapes from under his shoes.

The Freelance Cynic said...

I use Firefox and am offended you would think I would do otherwise :)

Just realised that it only appears on the home page of your blog, so I've never seen it before. Sorted now

The Freelance Cynic said...

One request though, if at all possbile can you change the link to .blogspot is the old link so has no baring on my techonrati or google rating.

Plus gets you into the comp :)

Jake's Mom said...

I have know you the longest of anyone!! Remember I changed your poopy diapers! And now my fragile (that's Italian according to 'A Christmas Story') psyche is damaged more. Well, I'm telling Mom. :):):)