Friday, April 20, 2007

CP's Top 40 Stalkees: Part 3

Welcome back to CP's Top 40 Blogs Recap! (Which was "CP's Top 38" last time we spoke.)

Last week, in blogs 11 through 20, we visited new-media mogul Grant Miller; enjoyed the morass of slimy office politics that is Grizzbabe's Den; brushed elbows with the eloquently prolific Johnny Yen; crawled inside the wondrous shell of Blogspot's favorite Wonderturtle; stopped in on Marni over at It's a Pug's Life; waved a big heartland hello to Jacob's Mom; sampled the tasty world of Jintrinsique and got a sitter for the kids so that we could visit Jin's Unplugged site; stopped in for cocktails and Kristian-baiting with the lovely Katie Schwartz; and visited Bluez's not-so-lame world of Lame Stuff.

Today we continue down CP's new all-alphabetical-all-the-time link list, visiting numbers 21 through 30 of the greatest 40 blogs ever known to the human race.

Bliss & Bile: A newcomer to CPW since we started the Top 40 Recap, Chelene of NYC comes to us through Dale's strong recommendation. So far, she has not disappointed. We recently discussed the possibility of starting a new blog to chronicle the horrors of NYC public transportation, but decided there is not enough space on the Internet to contain all of our rage. Bliss & Bile also features one of CPW's two favorite back-of-the-head blog profile photos.

Land-o-Lulu: I met Lulu on a bus in 1984; she was wearing sweat pants and purple Chuck Taylors, and I was knitting. That description pretty much sums up the timbre of our friendship. It's always a fun ride over in the crazy Land-o-Lulu; stop on by if you haven't already.

The Madman is a Waking Dreamer: Sometimes poetic and often prosaic, Tumuli consistently delivers interesting takes on the issues of the day.

Melinda June: I also met Mindy in 1984 when I was literally shoved into her dorm room and thrown into a game of Trivial Pursuit with her. I don't recall who won, but there was definitely heavy drinking involved. We haven't looked back since.

Modern Day Hobo: Although I haven't seen him often over the years, Martin is my oldest real-life friend on this list; we also met in 1984, the summer before I started college. Martin is a world traveler, and has lived in more countries than an international jewel thief. He is currently studying engineering, working simultaneously on projects in the third world. Although Modern Day Hobo is still in its infancy, CPW is expecting great things from it.

Molecular Turtle: The Turtle-Boy, as I like to call him, authored one of CPW's all-time favorite blog posts: The Great Cadbury Creme Cake Experiment. Ever since the day we howled our collective laughter over that piece, the Molecular Turtle has been a regular fixture on the pages of CPW.

Musings of a Hapabukbuk: A real-life friend of our beloved Wonderturtle, Hapabukbuk is a fellow New York blogger who recounts her tales in the same witty style as some of her friends. Her most recent post had me giggling like a school girl, and may go down in history as one of my favorite posts, along with those of my two Turtle friends.

My Head is a Box Filled with Nothing: Gizmorox keeps us entertained with tales of her mother, romances, work and whatever else is occupying her mind. Usually notifies us of her song choice of the day as well. Gizmorox recently dumped CPW as a link, probably due to our lack of commenting during a phase when we didn't have time to make the rounds every day. No matter, Gizmorox is still a welcome part of the CPW family of bloggers. Sniff sniff.

Vocabulum: First introduced to us (once again) through Dale, Non Vocabulum has become a blogger favorite over at American Idolatry. Her give-til-it-hurts posting has more than once had me rolling on the floor, gasping for air through my laughter. She has recently gone private, ostensibly to avoid possible legal sanctions over some of her more colorful language. On a more serious note, she recently posted this gem of a sentence while pondering our media's wide coverage of disasters such as the horrible Virginia Tech shootings: Oh, Americans love to shine the spotlight on tragedy, as long as it has nothing to do with the ones they are causing. I hear you loud & clear, NV.

Nurse Ratchet: My cousin Beth recently took up blogging as a hobby and a way to vent some of the frustrations of her busy life. Beware, she pulls no punches when someone pisses her off. We love & respect that here.

Stay tuned for the final installment of CP's Top 40 Stalkees (um, I mean blogs.)


"jew" "girl" said...

cp, thank you so much for overly generous review of the vey of oy. ya such a honey!

I love all the blogs you've reviewed. not only do I know and love half of them, the ones I don't know, I've really enjoyed getting to know.

this is a fun series. super great idea.

thank you a million, bubbie.


Tanya Espanya said...

Yeah, what Katie said.

Coaster Punchman said...

Dear Heeb,
We're just honored that you are a part of the CPW dysfunctional family!


Dear Tanya,
What I said to Heeb.


lulu said...

I was wearing sweatpants? Really? I think you make this stuff up. I remember the purple Chucks clearly, though, and your knitting.

To clear things up a bit, we were on a bus chartered by the school at Thanksgiving break, not the greyhound. Chances of two people not recently released from prison riding the same greyhound are slim.

Coaster Punchman said...

I think you were in sweat pants. People wore them a lot at school in those days in ultra-casual settings - and it would have been an especially sensible choice for a long, late bus ride home. (Remember those busses left about 5:00 and didn't get to Chicago until about midnight.) I'll admit I could be wrong on that detail, though.

I kind of liked the mystery my post evoked with the idea of us having met on a public bus, though. I liked having people think "wow, those two kids just found each other amongst all those hookers and ex-cons." Thanks for ruining it for everybody.

Oh, but this I do know for sure. It was Christmas Break, not Thanksgiving. I wasn't able to go home for Thanksgiving my freshman year due to a Christmas Festival rehearsal. Plus, it was right before Christmas that I started in with the knitting.

lulu said...

I remember snow, so yeah, it very well could have been Christmas.

I'm sorry to have spoiled the bus mystery, although here's a mystery for people to ponder, how could lulu's gaydar have been so bad that she was able to meet CP and fall madly in love with him for at least 6 months, without having any idea that he was gay?

Coaster Punchman said...

Especially since I was knitting for God's sake! But in your defense, I don't think most 19 year old girls had very much gaydar at all back in 1984. As for the madly in love thing, I feel another fake interview coming on.

Tanya Espanya said...

aw, you guys are so sweet!


lulu said...

You were all broody and cute and had eyebrows to rival Ivan Lendl's, but yeah, the knitting should have been a clue.

Coaster Punchman said...

You're sweet too, Tanya!

I'm still broody, but I wax the eyebrows now, Lu.

Beth said...

How fun! I found three more blogs for wasting my office hours ...

hapabukbuk said...

thanks cp! if it wasn't for wonderturtle where would we be? if you stalk me enough i may post about you... ;)

GrizzBabe said...

Thanks for the kind reveiw!

Speaking of slimy office politics, I have a doozy of an update (no, not the brown stuff on the toilet) that I'll post sometime this weekend. Stay tuned!

chelene said...

CP, thanks! I love this series and I'm flattered by your kind words for both my blog and my profile photo. Thank you for giving all struggling back-of-the-head models our moment in the sun. ;)

Coaster Punchman said...

Waste away, Beth.

I know Hapabukbuk, I've often wondered the same thing about our pal. Hey, if all these Chicago bloggers get together for their little parties, we New Yorkers should be able to do the same. Since I have a real life connection to Wonderturtle, that should be enough to convince that I'm not a serial murderer. Heh heh heh.......

I'll check in just a few minutes, Grizzbabe.

I know Chelene, it's about time models like you get the recognition you deserve!

Molecular Turtle said...

Thanks for the kind words CP. I think I might do a post like this sometime soon if you don't mind.

Jake's Mom said...

I have found some very entertaining people on your site. I am glad you encouraged me to blog.
But I'm still most important right???:):):):):)

Coaster Punchman said...

Turtle Boy, of course, meant every word.

Sis, but of course!!