Friday, February 09, 2007

A pair of Celestial Underwear for every pot!

Grant Miller has joined the bandwagon of cool kids by (finally) posting about Mormons.

Pretty much the only joy I derive from Evangelicals is watching them attack Mormons. Like during the Olympics in Salt Lake City, when they cooked up this big scheme to convert the Mormons en masse. That was pretty fucking awesome. Having those two groups at each others' throats gets them off my back for a change.

Katie Schwartz, if you're reading this I think it's about time we get cooking on a joint letter to LeeWee about Mr. Romney. I think she'll agree that one Mormon on Capitol Hill is enough!


Jake's Mom said...

That's becasue Donnie and Marie are the first couple of Utah!

"jew" "girl" said...

IF I'm reading??? IF??? as if, cp!

finally an advocate for eliminating mormons on capital hill. too bad the trade off is super christians.

ps: I'm in!

Old Lady said...

CP-It was only a matter of time.

Grant Miller said...

Hey! I don't like Romney - but at least he supports separating church and state. He wouldn't want you to wear celestial underwear, Mr. Punchman. Unless that's your thing.

Coaster Punchman said...

Yeah Grant, except for the small fact that his church (which does in fact rule the very lives of its members) spent in the millions on political lobbying on things like making sure the same-sex marriage initiatives didn't pass in Hawaii and Alaska. When push comes to shove I think he'll do as his Elders tell him to.

Now this Romney may have the nads to stand up to his elders, but I know from intimate experience of friendships that I've had with Mormons that the thing they fear more than death itself is to be excommunicated. And if his elders start making any movement in that direction I think he'll cave. I don't trust them.