Sunday, July 02, 2006

CP's favorite treat

From The Sweet Life on Manhattan's Lower East Side: Dark chocolate covered jelly graham cracker.

If I had my druthers, I would eat these every day. I know much of the world is not with me on this. Which is what makes me special.

Take the CPW poll: Is CP's favorite treat delicious, or gross?

George took these pics. He thinks it incredibly important that an object be placed in all photos to show "scale." For this series, he thought a battery might look nice.


jin said...

OOoooo...looks good!!!

I called David in for a looksy too...
we would BOTH eat that!!!
Yum, yum, yum.

I copied your pic for future reference, I hope you don't mind? When I make these I will give you & George credit for inspiring me!

LOVE that plate too!!! I want to paint that design on a cake!

P.S. You may want to 'warn' your 'gentle readers' that the battery in the photo is, in fact, not edible.
Teehee! ;-)

Poor George said...

Dear kind readers:

Among the things I have chosen to put beside my dear hubby when taking his photo are:

1) A monorail built in 1972

2) A Great Silverback Gorilla

3) A freshly made Belgian Waffle with the city of Brussels for a backdrop.

4) A bottle of beer.

5) A blue marble.

6) A defunct roller coaster.

7) My mother and great nephew.

These "props" were chosen by me to give the viewer a sense of scale and the foodstuffs were chosen by the CP to give the viewer a sense of what he sometimes chooses to ingest. Of this list, it is up to the viewer to decide what is a foodstuff and what is an artistic visual device to lend perspective. Please note that I have been forced to take these photos against my will and my arms are sore from all the twisting, HELP!

Coaster Punchman said...

Gentle readers, please note that he took these two particular photos when I was in the bathroom. He sensed I was getting dangerously close to finding his hiding place for my treats, and he didn't want to risk my finding both of them. So he got one out, and then snapped the photos before I was out of the bathroom. Therefore, there was no arm twisting. But there's going to be some soon if he doesn't stop being obnoxious.

There's still one of these hidden somewhere in this apartment. If George mysteriously disappears, one of you may want to call the authorities.

lulu said...

Do they make them without the jelly? Fruit and chocolate make me queasy.

jin said...

Ok...I should give you a little background on my 'edible' comment. I certainly didn't mean to cause such a fuss! lol!

For years I catered an event at a local museum. The members who came to the event were the type of people who had a fair amount of money but zero class. (Example: little old ladies would STUFF their purses full of cookies, truffles etc. then serve them to guests during the holiday season.) I made some unique things that WERE edible...chocolate bowls, organic candied rose petals, chocolate ribbons, shortbread buttons, etc. Every year these edible pieces would sit, because people thought they were plastic. Yet every year people would TAKE ornaments off the decorative trees & TRY TO EAT THEM!??!

Remember, I'm in Wisconsin...hicks abound...tactlessness (?is that even a word?) is the law...& I suspect there may be some inbreeding going on.


Coaster Punchman said...

Lu, yes, they make them without the chocolate. I'm not surprised that many would be enticed by that. For me, the fruit is the key. I looooove chocolate covered fruit jellies, and the graham cracker is just an added bonus. If I were cruelly forced to choose between the jelly & the graham, I would choose the jelly.

Jin, what gross people you describe. They should be shot, preferably execution style.

Jacob's Mom said...

Sorry Lil' Bro' but it doesn't look good. But I will trust your good and refined taste. But I do like chocolate covered cherries. Maybe bring one to WI for me to try. I love chocolate & who knnow I may even eat peas if they had chocolate on them.

Hubby of the CP said...

Dear Jin and other readers of the CPW.

Take it from me, the CP would not protest eating a battery (AAA, AA, D, C, 9 volt, or car) if it were covered in chocolate. Add a little jelly and.... well, you get my drift . . .