Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hangover morning one

I like to get up early and make friends with my hangover. I indulge him. I say things to him like "ok, I will pace back & forth and hold my head in this cockeyed position for about 30 minutes if you want me to. In return, I request that you don't make me puke." Usually works out fine.

So our little party weekend got derailed just slightly. Jane and Lulu didn't make it in because the bad weather had them grounded on a plane in Pennsylvania, where the airline made them sit in the plane on the tarmac for 5 (five!) hours. I don't have the full report yet, but I think Jane finally made a phone call to the airline and unleashed a wrath so frightening that they let them off the plane. Our ladies then rented a car and made it into NYC at about 2:00 am. I haven't seen them yet.

Melinda June & I spent the day doing some general frolicking and eating dim sum with George. MJ & I then rode the subway into the city and got rained on, as in absolutely soaking wet drenched, on the way to her hotel. I then stripped down to my tightie whities and donned her $300 hotel bathrobe so that I could dry my clothes with a hair dryer. Nice.

MJ & I met up with our friends Tim & Shawn who were staying across the street. Had a drink in Mindy's hotel, the Royalton. We then moved across the street and continued drinking at the Algonquin, where we laid eyes on Dorothy Parker's famous roundtable. I also petted the kitty.

Mindy was starting to feel some serious jet-lag, so we considered just getting dinner and bagging the rest of the evening. She wanted Mexican, so I suggested going somewhere closer to midtown rather than hauling ass to the East Village where we had intended to spend the rest of the night. She decided to go to the EV, though, in case she had a resurgence of energy.

Rode down to Scary Ann's (aka Mary Ann's) on 2nd Ave & 5th. Had a margie, some cheapo Mexican and Shawn nearly had a breakdown because this loud group of bitch girls next to us were screaming their heads off, while one of their skinny drug addicted boyfriends literally put his ass right in Shawn's face. And not in a good way either.

After they dispersed things got a little easier, but Mindy's energy was already sapped by that point. She felt bad and I believe referred to herself several times as "lame ass" and "loser." Not to worry, we assured her, it's all just part of turning forty. When you're forty you become part of the ruling class, and you get to say things like "no kids, I'm sorry, I've got an important board meeting tomorrow and I need my rest."

Min and the boys hopped into a cab back uptown, whereas I, being the inimitable Coaster Punchman, continued to celebrate Mindy's birthday for her by going to the Pyramid Club. I go there like once every five years. Interesting place. It started out in the 80s, and has never moved on. So it's not like one of those stupid 80s retro places. It's an actual 80s place that just kept doing the same thing. Bizarro.

I paid my $8 cover and went up to the bar right inside the door. I proceeded over to the room in the back where they play the music & people dance etc. - and it was empty. As in, not a soul was there. In fact the room itself was roped off. It was about 11:15.

I went back to the bar and said "so am I the only one here?" and they were like "yeah!" All perky & everything. Ok then! So I ordered a draft beer and was pleased to see that they were only $2! Woo hoo! Party on!!!

So now I'm rockin & rollin! Celebrating Mindy's birthday - without Mindy! And apparently without anyone else either!

But not even this would stop the CP!

I called George, who was loosely planning his late evening around coming to pick me up whenever I was ready. "Hey Georgie, I'm at this great club and the drinks are only $2! Come join me!!" So of course he did.

Everyone should get a George, by the way. Georges rock.

By the time George got there at midnight, the place had filled up. Not jammed to capacity, but more than enough to make it a fun party. I was already dancing, by myself, when he got there.

We stayed another hour and a half or so. Enough time so that I had lost count of all the $2 beers I threw back. All in all, a great time despite the earlier difficulties of the evening.

At 2:00 am I got the following message from Lu: "Um, yeah, we just got to the hotel. We are SO not joining you at the bar. Good night." At least she didn't swear at me.

So we have a new policy over here at CPW. If you are too tired to celebrate your own birthday, CP will do it for you. Just send the word.

On to party, day two.....


Beth said...

My birthday is in March. Put in on your calendar and come to Atlanta. I, however, will join you in the drunken celebration.

Dale said...

What are you doing in February? I may need you to celebrate on my behalf. Also, hmm, who's talking about underwear now. Poor Melinda J. - I want a review of her hotel for my next visit.

Old Lady said...

I would get started on the paper work right now if I were you!

Tenacious S said...

You needed me! I would've gone dancing. But I would've been stuck on the plane with Lulu and Jane. You just had to make up for missing birthday mirth. You did a fine job. Sorry about the hangover. I am always fine with a headache, but also beg my body not to puke. I HATE puking! My honey and I were recollecting earlier today about the time when the Russian bartender at a swank restaurant near us tried to kill me with Cosmopolitans.

jin said...

Oh, sounds like a BLAST!

So, does that mean
poor george
is now officially
goerges rock?
(Sounds French!)

lulu said...

Wow, did I leave you a voice mail? I was so loopy at that point that I have no idea what I was doing or saying. It does sound like me though, emphasis and all.

Despite the horrible plane trip, possible concussion from your porch, and the migraine that made me vomit in O'Hare this morning, it was a wonderful trip. I SO love you.

Jacob's Mom said...

I just want to watch

Tenacious S said...

Hey, did that hotel take Ed?

Coaster Punchman said...

Are you referring to Edward the much lusted after cat? Not sure if they take pets - their website might indicate.

We're still waiting for more pics by the way - in fact we never saw the bday pics...

lulu said...

She's referring to the cat in the lobby of the Algonquin. He looked a lot like Eddie.