Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Melinda June's Secrets of the Site Meter

Mindy has been horning in on my status as Cyberstalker: Hidden Horror of the Internet. She has become obsessed with checking her Site Meter to see who visits her blog, and when, and how they got there.

Just so she doesn't get too big for her britches, I'm taking a piece of this action back. Here are some recent Web searches that have brought some of my Gentle Readers to CPW.

Lulu’s Donuts

Women in leather pants

Grant Miller

Limoncello margaritas

Rice queen

New Haven pizza clams

Wife beater


jin said...

Ummm...*blushes*....I think I check my site meter more times per day than my blog!!!

It IS obsessive! I wish it gave even MORE names & faces! LOL!!!

Coaster Punchman said...

Honestly, I don't check mine that often. And every time I change templates, I keep forgetting to add it again. But whatever floats your boat! If you think about it, checking your site meter is kind of like reverse cyberstalking. You're stalking the people who come to you, while I'm out looking for fresh victims. But I do enjoy seeing what Google searches lead people here.

Grant Miller said...

Are lulu's donuts served hot daily? Just a question.

lulu said...

Jane is actually the donut whore, I am more about pizza.